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Sin Cara: The Misuse of a WWE Superstar

By Sean Farrell

To quote the late great Owen Hart: “Enough! is Enough! and It’s Time For A Change!” in the WWE. People keep picking at Sin Cara for not being flawless in the WWE…Who is? Please tell me! The WWE’s roster is bland and boring with the exception of older guys like Undertaker and Kane and the newer CM Punk. Sin Cara was part of Triple H’s new Talent Development, but what people don’t realize is WWE Talent Development has nothing to do with skillset, that is what FCW and OVW are for.

Talent Development has to do with building international characters to sell globally and expand the market…Just think in recent years we have seen less Triple H(The head of talent development) and more Wade Barrett (U.K.), Big Zeke (South America), Drew Mcyntire (Scotland), Sheamus (Ireland), and Khali (India). The reason for this is simple, THEY ARE ICONS WHERE THEY ARE FROM! People will watch them, way more people than your one Nielson point is worth.

But back to Sin Cara, Mexico’s viewership has always been vital to the WWE and Sin Cara helps that dramatically. Ignacio Almanza is an ICON in every sense of the word in Mexico; he is touted as a real life super hero. So for anyone who wants to keep picking on him (including the WWE Locker Room) “I got two words for ya!”……”Please Don’t” it is being reported that not only is WWE Smackdown star Sin Cara considered a “pet project” for Triple H, but it’s being said that “The Skull King” has personally taken Sin Cara under his wing when it comes to development.

Triple H has reportedly told Sin Cara not to listen to anyone but him when it comes to adapting to the American style of pro wrestling. Additionally, it’s being said that HHH has told Sin Cara to come seek him out personally if he has any problems or wants to work with anyone in particular. That being said he will get better once he is used to our crappy style of wrestling in the U.S. and he will be a future champion so stop complaining because he is safe.




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