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Happy New Year, Again Part II Astronomy, Astrology

By Janet Grace

To reiterate a smidgen from the previous article, “Happy New Year, Again: Part 1”, the Chinese, Asian Lunar New Year Celebrations begin on the second New Moon after Winter Solstice, (December 21st). Japan welcomed their New Year on January 1st, 2024.

The EXCITEMENT surrounding THIS year’s Lunar New Year is … that precisely when we clearly require a Goddsend, (guess who’s coming to dinner?) This shall be ONE dynamic changing of the guards, which we’ve already begun to witness in small brushstrokes.

Get this: The crude, rude, harsh energies that have sickened the world for the last, I dunno, pick a number, dissipates as I type. It is gone and in its place, Enter The Dragon.
The Dragon, partnering with The Astrological characteristics of Aquarius will be joined by a long loved friend.

The special boon arriving this year is that Jupiter, the planet of expansion (and tons of surprises), is moving from the Gregorian Calendar’s astrological/planetary sign of Capricorn into Aquarius.
The energetic differences between those two planes are completely bi-lateral. One is Ying and the other is Yang; ring and hand, with the latter being known for mastering working hard while hardly working; breaking apart what was once well standing, with its gloating goat’s chaos.

The toxic heaviness of Capricornian obsession with burning the candle at both ends until naught but the cylinder is left, repeating the cycle again and again, never realizing, benefit of the doubt there, while wanting to say ‘instead of admitting the truth’: That Hole in the Goat’s gut will never be satisfied. This One feasts on the charred remains of its own misery – which is all that it CAN do, having sucked the LIGHT out of it, it’s own LIFE, as well as Earths. (too-deep-to-decipher-in-a-New-York-minute, I know!) “All work and no play keeps me rich!’ is the energy that we have been fighting against, and whatever your resist, persists.

Thank ALL of Our Lucky Stars for Jupiter AND Aquarius’ intervention. They’re going to keep the experience fun and chill.

So long to the selfish, arrogant, egotistical, chaotic, manic, unstable energy of the unstable Capricorn and welcome to the gentler, calmer, sign of Aquarius which will gift us with rationale and stability for the next twenty years, leaving us better than we’ve been in awhile.
The energies of Jupiter are bringing positive changes to our complete consciousness, our entire world and all living in it. The Universe’s energies are shifting for the better.
Some folks are calling this the Age of Aquarius while others are smiling at how cute they look way down below, saying all that mess as they glide miles above all traffic, lower than an eagle, but higher than a dream, already flying without needing wings, them and their 5th dimension journey.

This energetically lighter sense of calm is being called ‘The Christ Consciousness” and IT; too, enters our life experiences, serendipitously and surely, beginning this year and continuing on for the next twenty years.

That is not to say that Yeshua Ben Joseph himself has personally taken his act on the road, but, don’t be too surprised when you find yourself VERY surprised at how unattached, unemotional, non-chalant and forgiving you begin to respond to whichever and whatever experiences are splashed, splattered or purposely drawn onto your canvas, not for any other reason besides giving you the experience of the stunning realization that when given an opportunity to act, or behave in a manner which you once would not have minded keeping a scar for — knowing you would be the one walking when all is said and done, you are no longer interested in entertaining that frequency.

You’ll begin to see how little is gained by baking in the flames lit for others. Sometimes, a gentle, cool breeze is all that is needed to move mountains.

People will begin to awaken, as if from a dream. They will begin moving away from that which no longer serves them. I speak of humanity, as a whole.

Personally, I haven’t felt such an intense excitement since the last Wood Dragon saw my family and I dancing up to Mott Street to celebrate The Chinese Lunar New Year in New York’s China Town circa 1964.

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