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One Hill Moved, Next the Mountain

By Ron Signore

Getting older has its quirks. For example, the things that can bring your day down, or the inverse in pulling it up. Today, February 6th, is one of those days where there is not much that can happen from this point forward during the day that can bring me back down. Someone of a skeptic, I will knock on wood.

Being in sales, my phone is never more than a hands length away during business hours. In fact, my morning routines are so habitual that you can probably run them to a clock. Today, I went down for a quick cup of coffee, spent a few minutes talking with my 4-year-old and wife. As I sat down for my routine 15 min break, my phone buzzed. In sales, there is always a risk of that call or message that brings news that isn’t favorable with a prospect, but hearing bad news early is maybe arguably more important than good news quick.

At 10:06 AM EST, my phone buzzed. With my coffee cup in my left hand, I picked up my phone with my right and saw the notification from the Wall Street Journal. I opened my phone to the sweet news that the appeals court had finally ruled against Cheeto Boy and his bid for total immunity.

This is a huge win, but likely not huge enough at this point. We already know the Supreme Court will need to weigh in, because as we have learned, for as much as we keep hearing how this is politically driven, Chump is no stranger to the courts processes. For sure, he has that rich privilege to navigate his resources into drawing these proceedings out as long as possible.

We can thank many MAGAt Morons, of which many are far worse off than the Grifting family, for continuing to donate money to this guy that ultimately helps him with his legal battles. These people give up their hard-earned nickels and dimes to a guy who has never worked a blue-collar job in his life. Not to mention those wealthy donors who keep padding this guy’s pockets. No matter what, they are making his ability to tie things up in courts very easy.

We are seeing it in Georgia. While things are still left to be discovered and understood, at the highest level we are seeing a deflection-based argument that is slowing things down enough. Did District Attorney Fani Willis have an affair/relationship with her now lead prosecutor on the case? Yea, she did. Does this really have an impact over the evidence and facts of laws broken? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

See in all these cases, we’re forgetting one very basic and simple fact: laws were broken. It doesn’t matter if he was a Democrat or Republican, or just some person walking on the sidewalk, these legal eagles have found concrete evidence that rightfully calls for the American Legal System to weigh out if there are consequences. The reason I spell it out to that avenue is because it isn’t like we haven’t read the indictments with firsthand accounts of the infractions being broken. Furthermore, right now the best defense the Orange Turd has provided publicly is this notion that as President, not KING mind you, can do anything without consequence.

Which is it, moron? Are these politically driven legal battles, or did you knowingly (or unknowingly at the time) break the law and think that you can get away with anything? Ignorance of the law is not bliss. There are consequences for your actions. We all learn this in everyday life. Try getting pulled over for speeding, doing 50 in a 35 or school zone. You don’t get off innocently just because you weren’t aware of the speed limit at the time. Just because he maybe doesn’t understand the laws of records he can keep or share or sell, or whatever he did, doesn’t mean he should get out of consequences.

Bottom line: this poor excuse of a man broke the law, and his first reaction is to bellow how he didn’t do anything wrong, mixed with another political witch-hunt message that helps his demented claim election interference. This is someone who we hear right-wingers claim is the leader of patriots. Ironically, a conman who was sworn in as President by swearing an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of our United States, who openly defies it.

We are no longer talking about an interpretation to the second amendment, but rather an intention to control a country under one ideology. Unfortunately, that ideology isn’t the majority of the nation. At every given turn, the Orange Turd and his MAGAt cronies have been crippling this country. Republican wish list for a bill that addresses border reform…nope, it will allegedly be DOA because Cheeto Boy said so and his cronies oblige.

Among the many, it’s the outspoken that show their ignorant loyalty the most. From the trampy Lauren Boebert to the illiterate moron Marjorie Taylor Greene, creepy Matt Gaetz, and Speaker Johnson, we have to keep hearing of all these conspiracy theories with no traction. It bothers me that these people can get away with the garbage that they do. It is also a direct reflection of our education system as a whole. If these people are that dumb, just imagine the people who support and vote for them…

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