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By Ron Signore

Why is the notion of accountability so difficult? Explaining why something was said or done as opposed to owning up to being in the wrong seems to be a monumental obstacle that many fail to get passed. In fact, it significantly leads to more deflection and projection.

Everyday, we battle with morons. It is a sad fact. We never seem to learn, either. We will never win an argument with a dumb person. It is becoming more and more clear that we really are in a lot of trouble as a human race, let alone American citizens. The ability to be programmed in efforts to align with what your hopes are become the norm. We have stopped revering those who are educated. We have stopped standing up for morality, all while digging our heels into quicksand that we form ourselves.

It has become laughable that we continue to hear how the left is no better than Nazi Germany with our gestapo tactics around law, hindering Cheeto Boy with election interference, and coming after our rights. These people need to be deprogrammed. How we do that successfully seems to be unimaginable as we go round and round on this never-ending hellish ride that provides an alternate reality.

This form of projection may be the most frustrating for me. We are constantly told by the toilet time medical, legal, and political experts how we are sheep. The irony being that they abide by whatever Bunker Boy tells them. They have no inclination to determine the reality of facts, just a shade of what is being told to them.

It was, sadly, never truly realized the extent of the damage being done until this past weekend. Paranoia is not the form of self-awareness I typically partake in. I believed that despite my disdain for Chump, that if he would have won in 2020, it would have sucked. It would have been more of the detrimental state of affairs we had going into the election, but it could have been survivable. My mind is far passed that now.

Due to my recent watching of Masters of the Air, I decided to take in a documentary that focused on Hitler’s rise and fall. I ended the final episode on the Hulu series Hitler: The Lost Tapes of the Third Reich in a little bit of fear. Am I afraid that if Bunker Boy wins in November that there will be a second Holocaust? Not to that extent, no. What frightens me is similar unlawful imprisonment tactics.

The fear comes from the more direct realization of the correlation the playbook is for Chump as it was for Hitler. It all started with the German word, “lugenpresse,” or as it translates, fake news. I openly admit, at the beginning, I thought fake news was just a simple denial of an opposing take on a subject. Then it just turned into a deflection of the truth more and more. However, after this weekend, it finally resonated that it is a tactic to control messaging by clearly discrediting those who have done the investigatory work.

Propaganda was one thing, but propaganda matched with a denial of reality is taking over the weak minds of this nation. They both prey on the views of distrust and particularly a lack of transparency of those who oversee governing, all while casting blame on particular associations as the fault for why people may be struggling. Hitler focused on the Jewish citizens, Chump focuses on the immigration topic here and now. This is extremely eerie of how comparable these paths are lining up.

Hitler spent time in jail for his attempt to overthrow the German government. Chump has a plethora of indictments and fines, some specifically tied to acts of treason, like mishandling of classified documents and inciting an insurrection to undermine our democracy after he lost the last presidential election. This claim for law and order while evading it all the same seems to have a similar impact for Cheeto Boy as it did for Hitler as Chump’s popularity somewhat rises. Thankfully, we have seen some Chump supporters change their mindset, but in a nation where trouble like he is in would normally all but kill any chances at future office has kept him plowing forward.

No matter the issue, their absurdity always seems to fall under the argument of exercising their 1st amendment rights. In this age, we have seen a more grotesque dichotomy on the concept of weak versus strong. If you are ‘triggered’ by something I say, you are weak, woke, or a snowflake. If you agree, you are a strong red blooded American patriot. Except the biggest babies are the MAGAts. They can try and dish it out, but they have no real arguments of substance when they have to take it. Apparently, no one told them that blatantly lying about someone or something, causing distress over a lack of truth, or infringing on someone’s life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness is not covered under that right.

Look at someone like Alex Jones. He has every single right to have an opinion and question things, but without real factual merit, there is a line that crosses from the first amendment to illegal defamation. Against my better judgement, I took a watch of The Truth vs Alex Jones on Max this weekend as well. It was extremely hard to stomach. The reality of harm this man has caused is beyond notable disrespect. It was in fact an outright criminal exercise.

From that infamous day in Newtown, CT, Alex Jones has driven a narrative that the events were a false flag. In this narrative, there were very little bounds as to what this man would push. It stemmed from patronizing a grieving father to be an actor, to questions around the response of 1st responders, and even as far as denying the existence of those who lost their lives in December of 2012.

The gruesome details that poured from that day are enough to make someone’s stomach turn. The belief that there could be an animal out there when our children are at school is nauseating. Then to compound the pain to parents, sisters, brothers, and anyone else by denying their tragedy, eliminating an ability to properly grieve is nothing short of inhumane. The harassment caused by the following of Alex Jones on the matter, whether directly or indirectly, inflicted pain no one should have to experience. The turning point that put victims families on the offensive finally came after the insinuation that one father, who claimed he held his son with a bullet wound in his head, was lying was the last straw. To be honest, that breaking point should have come far before that, but be that as it may, it drove litigation civilly against Alex Jones and his media company.

During those trials, it became clear that his arrogance in a need to defy reality led to a lack of empathy. It did not slow him down from his claims, and in a trial where he should resist talking about it outside of the courtroom, he would still blast his garbage conspiracy theories to his detriment. The juries piled on an absurd amount of money he is to pay the families involved in the trials, of which will likely never get paid. Despite the doubt of him paying up, I think there was a small moral victory for these families in the sense that they proved the incident happened, they aren’t liars, and that he was found liable for causing an unrealistic amount of pain to an already disgusting tragedy.

We keep seeing this correlation for a lack of accountability. Those like Cheeto Boy and Alex Jones victimize others while playing the victim of some conspiracy in one way shape or another. Biden is interfering with the election by sicking the DOJ on Chump. Forget the understanding that he is guilty of breaking the law, its only an issue because these charges are politically motivated. But please, claim how we need to start driving law and order more in this country, all while having your moronic minions ask for money to defund the local police. Or, Alex Jones, please keep crying that you came from a good place in your heart challenging for the truth due to a lack of faith in the mainstream media.

We are in real trouble everyone. Get out there, campaign, and vote to stop this nonsense.

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