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How Do You Live with Yourself?

By Ron Signore

Being a huge Seinfeld guy, an episode that continually resonates during family discussions is the episode where George attends his girlfriend’s son’s birthday party and discovers smoke in the kitchen. In a panic, George screams, “FIRE,” all while knocking down everyone in his path to get to safety. The first line that always comes to mind is after George is trying to explain himself and his Larry David-ian ways for his actions, a fireman simply asks, “How do you live with yourself?” His response of, “It’s not easy,” tends to cause a burst of laughter, confirming his lack of shame.

While his lack of heroism is being explained, it is commented on by Jerry Seinfeld in a rhetorical realization that it is “every man, woman, child, and invalid for themselves.” Seinfeld continues to give us daily moments that we can tie back to the show. The reality is that our government, more so the GOP, has turned into this correlation of comedy.

Since it was fresh of mind as I watched the house vote on HR-1102 on 3/22, a spending bill to yet again try and avoid any shut down, the late breaking notion from Thursday that MTG may file a motion to vacate the speakership – AGAIN- has apparently been put into action by filing a motion to vacate during the vote. Apparently, Mike Johnson is not conservative enough for these MAGAts. I am not inclined to take Mike Johnson’s side in anything, his views and beliefs are too far out there from reality for me. However, the reality is that this motion is being filed because he is actually working on bipartisan efforts to govern. Apparently, it is just an unforgivable sin to do that.

Speaking of Johnson, however, something struck me yesterday that prompted the correlation to the previously referred Seinfeld scenario…” How do you live with yourselves?” It was noted that Speaker Johnson threw a proposed budget out for 2025 that included notions of defunding local police, gutting the Affordable Care Act, federally banning abortion, are just a few topics that sparked that question.

In 2020, the accusations against Democrats for the liberal notion of police reform, ultimately leading to other calls to defund the police, were fierce. The ‘law and order’ party painted a picture of complete chaos to the idea, preying on the racially driven fears of many of their constituents. Here we are 4 years later droning another hypocrisy. It would be better if this was a result of short-term memory and confusion, however, it is just another pattern of not having a true belief in anything. Law and order is only applicable to those who are not on the right side of the aisle apparently. Criminals of an insurrection are noted as patriots and hostages, while those who may be the victims of police brutality are just thugs who shouldn’t worry about the police if they aren’t doing anything wrong.

Then you have morons like Lauren Boebert and the like, who voted against Biden’s infrastructure bill that is clearly showing positive outcomes across the nation, out posing for appearances in a perceived notion to take credit for the results to their constituents. How is it possible these people who vote do not realize the opposing interests their elected members of congress make on their behalf. This either is a clear lack of intellect or clear hypocrisy. To simplify; are they stupid or intentional? It is things like this that show that maybe the only thing the Republicans stand for is opposing the Democrats.

It all adds up to a continuous confusion as to why Cheeto Boy? A group that preached a stance on family values is backing a man, or lack thereof, who is guilty of sexual assault, three times married, twice divorced, affair having con man. The idea that Bunker Boy is a church going, morally ‘Christian’ person is laughable. An individual with several failed businesses, nearly 91 indictments against the laws he was sworn to uphold and defend, and several law suits due to his fraudulent activities and defamatory remarks. A bully to victims that cannot take nearly as much as he gives. It is absolutely disgusting.

So, I ask the simple question: How do you, the Chump backing, poisoned GOP, live with yourselves? You may have forgotten what you claim to stand for, but we the people do not.

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