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By Ron Signore

Some people exaggerate the negatives to illustrate points that form paranoia. The constant argument during the pandemic and the reality of the dangers of COVID were being claimed to be over exaggerated by the mainstream media to keep us living in fear. Naturally the opposite end of the spectrum was denying its existence and calling it a hoax.

Looking at today’s dichotomy in our political climate, we have gone to depths that in reality, we have only seen once in history that aligns so specifically, that if we are not sounding some alarms, we’re going to be in a very bad way in the near future. The sad thing is that the way we could be going as a nation puts us in a position, we fought to destroy in the Second Great War.

What I have found sad, yet comically amusing, is the deflection and projection of people who believe in an alternative world of opinions, yet call them facts, try and ignorantly make comparisons that are so far off. The number of times it has crossed my learning path referring to Democrats or the current administration as resembling a Nazi Germany has become completely irritating. More irritating than the other nonsense they try and get jollies from.

The reality is continuing to see parallels between the current MAGA movement, and a Nazi run Germany. The fact that there are people in this country, who refer to themselves as ‘Patriots,’ and are supposed to be known as the flag waving, military supporting, and call for respect for that notion, party, is driving towards an autocratic agenda is mind boggling. With claims of lawlessness, and disrespect to shade the left by claiming BLM and kneeling during the anthem are disrespectful to what the soldiers fought for, or law enforcement has to deal with in their everyday jobs, they have painted their most hypocritical arguments yet.

In World War II, American soldiers, the bravest of the brave, stormed the beaches of Normandy, and invaded and conquered islands in the Pacific, all to stop Fascism and Imperialism. They fought to preserve our democratic way of life. They gave their lives for others in the world to have that freedom too. Now, they are biting hook, line, and sinker into an autocrat who, like Hitler, blames all problems on anyone else, creating scapegoats on a daily basis. The move to discredit the free press and those who actually do the investigating to source truth as best as possible has cost many their lives and their freedom.

Lugenpresse, or fake news, was a key play in the rise of Hitler. Controlling a message by hammering it time and time again without relenting to any possibility of being incorrect has conditioned people to stop using logic. There are penalties for false stories being printed or given by the media. They have accountability for the most part. Obviously, we see some disturbing realities on networks like Fox News or Newsmax, but things can really get convoluted around the 1st Amendment, what is news, and what is opinion, that a lack of potential responsibility to putting a message out panders to someone’s emotions. To think, this really all roots from Rupert Murdoch’s early days and Rush Limbaugh’s rise to popularity. They started us down this path of Republicans versus Democrats to be aligned to a good versus evil battle. Bunker Boy just dropped the bomb on it to expedite the process.

Admittedly, it is hard to always know everything to be true or false in politics as we continue to question transparency on many elements of our government. However, as someone who is liberal minded, er open minded, there really is a difference between the news of the what and questioning the why. The ‘what’ should be the fact, it should be indisputable. Biden won the 2020 election. Fact. The “I don’t believe there is any way Joe Biden got that many votes, it is all rigged by the democrats,” is an opinion that has been PROVEN to have no merit. Sure, the reasonable doubts into why are acceptable to explore. Not being sold on the facts should be a personal problem but we’re erasing the realities of history with every opinion that spreads like wildfire, forcing repetition, leading to belief.

This is where the fear comes in. This is why I cannot figure out how we are not all seeing the real correlation between Hitler and Chump. Hitler’s rise was built on blaming the results of the establishment on a topic of immigration. Hitler drew the scapegoat to Jews, gypsies, and other non-German ethnicities and religions to be public enemy. It was an all-in approach. Chump is on the same path. It is an all-in approach that all immigrants that are undocumented are criminals. There is no doubt that there are bad people in every country, every race, every religion, etc…. however, you can put the word ‘not’ in front of any of those and the statement will still be just as true.

The Germans wanted to believe, like most of human nature, that something or someone was to blame for their woes post WWI. Footing the bill for WWI was a legitimate reason to be bitter, angry, and even aggressive. However, the cause was NOT who he was blaming. Violent attempts at insurrections prior to fully taking power in 1933, Hitler gained power as a leader of strength. Cheeto Boy does the same thing. It is always about projecting the strength of a dominant force, no matter the reality. People here are falling into that same trap.

What am I afraid of? It isn’t that I think a second Chump Term is going to result in millions of dead bodies within our borders at camps that draw slave labor or execution. It is that there are variables that could be in play for his ability to radically change our country. We have heard many of the rumors, some from quote excerpts from the man himself around the intentionality to have his turn (again) to weaponize the DOJ. Fears that he may never leave the White House. Fears that freedoms will continue to reverse retroactive to the 1950’s. And while it may not be a government-controlled execution of certain minorities, the lack of accountability to those perpetrators of the laws just opens the doors to violence. It isn’t an America First mentality; it is a Chump First Mentality that is under the guise of Making America Great Again. If he get’s back in, we can forget any real accountability to be held, even on the current slim chance he will ever be held accountable already. How an evil man has drawn so much support to be viewed as a victim of our legal system irks me beyond belief. People actually defend this person as if he is being framed and persecuted for doing nothing wrong.

Simply put, the ‘what’ here is that Cheeto Boy broke laws up to defrauding the American people, however people want to drive on the ‘why’ as if its all a big scam to interfere with the election in 2024. The problem they do not see is that these charges and verdicts are based on cases extending back years, with things getting set into motion prior to an announcement of trying to run again. Again, it isn’t about ideology anymore, I can handle that. It is about the damage from misinformation that can come to our democratic freedom in this great nation.

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