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The Great Conspiracy

By Ron Signore

On Monday, April 15th, the taxman was out collecting. He started with collecting on the reality of accountability towards a former White House Resident. In fact, the only former resident to be put on trial for criminal charges. For many of us, the reality is simple. It is a clear case of someone breaking the law, getting caught and tried based on corroborated evidence. The same fate any of us would have if we violated the law. There is no mercy for the people who find themselves on the other side of legality.

Like most events with the demented old Orange Turd, the continuous act of “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” takes front and center. The old blowhard continues his rants of persecution claims. He continues driving a victim narrative with claims that these cases are politically motivated, resulting in election interference. The irony of course being that he is being tried for that notion down in Georgia.

He wants you to believe this is one giant conspiracy and has been since before he took office. His whole life, the man-child has been operating from the genesis of a silver spoon baby. When things do not go his way, the reality is too hard to grasp internally, so he projects the faults of others. In these rants, we constantly see the proof that this is a person who isn’t out for the country. He is out for himself. Clarity provides vision of a lack of intent to support and uphold the constitutional laws our government is bound by. This ongoing coup isn’t patriotism, but rather treason.

Agent Orange has never been about the freedoms of the citizens. It makes no difference the topic of real issue. The man has sold us out to Russia, Iran, and the Saudi’s, yet has the testicular fortitude to claim our world, er go our nation, would be at peace from conflict if he were in office. Following the money, better known as the grift in the Chump era, we can see with certainty that the business, family, and himself have benefited from finances coming from foreign nations. His policy effectiveness has continued to hurt anyone but the top one percent, and worse with the trajectory of inflation he put our country on by mishandling the pandemic.

He isn’t used to such transparency. The fact that so much can be seen and viewed compared to a private business organization I believe has cost him dearly. The opening of business practices as patterns of failures over the past 30 years provided a light that the common people didn’t see before. It has caused them to abandon their principles time and time again. A formidable party standing on a notion of family values in addition to law and order has completely fallen by the wayside. Many Republicans have given up. Some gave up their seat, others gave up morality by selling their soul, thus selling our Americans.

It will never be fully comprehended how one loudmouth loser can convince the masses that every single thing he fails at is someone else fault. In this legal conjecture, he has managed to convince people that there is this mass conspiracy that he was beat in the election, that he did nothing wrong, but is being persecuted because of some distinct advantage he has over the deep state to win in November. He has managed to convince people the only way he loses, again, is if he is cheated.

Then the acceptance of denial piles on. He becomes in denial of the reality that he is not the best suited for President. In denial that he should bear any accountability for violations he directly committed, or extensions of his business dealings. The lack of intellect his loyalists have continue to bite hook, line, and sinker. The formulations of fear, uncertainty, and doubt that someone they have put their faith in could be any less than perfect seems to be the time we live in.

The far right, Christian doting base praises this man as the second coming of Jesus. They have put a man with no family values, no real practice of religion, and selfish person who does not persevere in times of adversity on a pedestal. They support a man who arrogantly compares himself to the likes of Jesus Christ and Nelson Mandela yet carries none of the characteristics or morals of which they fought. A man with a history plagued with infidelity, swindling, and failures has avoided all accountability throughout his life. He has enjoyed more freedom than many law-abiding citizens have faced during their lives. He knows how to play the system, and has benefited off the back of others work, only to profit from their losses.

The conspiracy isn’t that the world is against Cheeto Boy. The conspiracy is the fool his followers play in being complicit from the ignorance he projects. The game finally caught up to him. Naturally the desire to care about the why has these people overlooking the what. It doesn’t matter that he broke the law, it only matters why he is getting caught now. Cases with evidence piling up over years make no difference, it is just simply cared that it is an effort to prevent him from succeeding in the election.

While my heart is not set on government overreach, I think there are certain times when the government needs to protect its people from themselves. These morons will vote for this man, cutting their nose off in spite of their face. We continually see his followers betting against their better interests. He has the loyalty of the farming industry, yet they benefit from democratic policy. They want to preach freedom, yet they want to prevent the freedom of others. They brag about controlling women’s reproductive rights. Yet, women support this snake. They are for law and order when it is applied to those who stand in their way from the top. It is not a fair system. It is a system that is plagued with a permanent tip of the justice scale in favor of the rich white male.

Other countries around the world no longer look up to us as a nation of idolization. We are being laughed at by many allies, and we present a dangerous opening for our enemies. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I would have zero doubt that Bunker Boy has something to do with these conflicts. His interests in these countries across the world could easily link relationships to desired conflict for him to look like the good guy, the hero.

A man who has flags of himself portrayed as a ‘Rambo’ figure that never once served in the military, calling insurrectionists hostages and patriots, and allowing the Confederate Flag walk through our capital without any desire for repercussion to the perpetrators. It’s a disgrace to America and the conspiracy in play is a desire to overthrow our republic by those treasonous tyrants that follow and support Agent Orange.

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