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If There Was a Conspiracy

By Ron Signore

The bigger the lie, the more people that are needed to keep it projected as truth. In a world where loyalty is typically tied to monetary gain, the risk of exposure to the lie is directly correlated to the financial satisfaction to any party involved.

All these conspiracy theorists want to make us believe that the why is so relevant to the what. That is because the why can be subjective. We can legitimately assume that in any given event, there is going to be a financial impact. From a mob hit to determining what people lobby for, there is going to be someone who comes out financially better than they were. Usually, there is someone who will be financially worse than they were, and sometimes, we find it a win-win situation. But it stands those things happen from financial motivation. The result typically equates to power.

This gives conspiracy theorists all the fuel they need. When something happens that they do not like, it becomes the reasoning that the action happened solely to financially benefit so-and-so. Well…no duh. Nearly every action that impacts people is rooted from money. Money equals power. Power equals control. Having that be said, of course the 2020 election was rigged, right? I mean, the Democrats seized power because they are controlled by Hollywood and the Big Tech and Big Pharma companies, right? Everyone who believes Joe Biden won the 2020 election must be controlled by MTG’s Jewish space lasers rendering us brainwashed and controlled by the government.

The nonsensical garbage of BS goes on and on. The doubt that Biden received more votes is an impossibility. Every bad thing that has happened to our country is a result of the Democrats, or so they would have you believe. There is absolutely, positively, no way that people could see Cheeto Boy for what he is, correct?

Except that is not the reality of it. The truth is that we are naïve to think that any action doesn’t have a financial impact in some way, shape, or form. That’s the story of time. That is the game were born into. However, we have learned throughout time that the ability to keep something hush-hush is a near impossibility, and only gets more difficult as more people are involved.

President Biden is no angel. You will never hear me idolize a politician the way we see the MAGA movement do with Agent Orange. By definition, politicians are either stubborn in a ‘my way or the highway’ mentality, or a compromising mentality. You can guess which party is which. But the idea is to represent the interests of the people that voted them into power. Despite my disdain for the MAGA mindset, they are representing the interests of some people. The interests may be racists, homophobic, or hypocritical, but they are marching on that road they feel their people put them on.

Reality is a tough pill to swallow. Pride and ego set in, and the refusal to be identified as an idiot is hard to do. If by chance we find out the election was stolen, et all that Agent Orange is involved with is unjustified persecution, then it will be clearly documented that I was/am wrong. I will have to eat that crow. However, lets take a look at some of the realities of our lives right now that we find ourselves questioning dichotomously.

President Biden is a career politician. He has made allies, even across the aisle, that there is a mutual respect. Has he always aligned with the most popular side of history? Possibly. And while there is always an alternative motive at play, I can’t argue that he has done anything to maliciously hurt our country over our career. We will never have 100% of our country happy for any given topic, but I would argue that over his career, he has been about trying to make our country better.

There are some simple displays, or lack thereof, that I think support that. As yourself: how many people have come out against Joe Biden that are former allies? Again, we’re not talking if someone disagrees with any particular political issue. The idea is, other than a Russian operative claiming Biden committed high crimes or misdemeanors, has anyone come out and published books, or been outspoken on President Biden’s character or ethics. To my knowledge, the answer is minimal if at all. I cannot think of anything damning enough to make me question his allegiance or competence in the world of government.

On the other hand, let’s look at people associated or aligned to Bunker Boy over just his limelight in the political arena. There have been numerous books and outspoken ex-officials shredding the man to pieces. Start by looking at the man’s hiring history while in the White House. Even with the grifting family of hires, there seems to be tumultuous animosities between him and his family. That is unless they know the second they do not kiss the ring, they are dead to him and the grift is over.

His hiring record really could speak for itself. According to Brookings.edu, his “A-Team” turnover rate was “92%. Throughout his tenure, every time he made an appointment or a hire, we heard how said person was going to do a terrific job, they’ll be great at their job, they are the best person for the job. Then at the time of separation, the moments of disloyalty showed, and it was very quickly a 180 on his views of those people. Bill Barr, and John Bolton, Michael Cohen, are among some of the names of people who Agent Orange showed high praise and confidence, but as soon as the reality of making a decision of selling their soul or doing something that wasn’t aligned to blind loyalty of Chump found themselves on the opposite end of verbal abuse in attempts to discredit the reality they were pointing out. We all know that you didn’t even have to work for the man during his tenure to fall by the wayside in his eyes should you defy loyalty to him.

The bottom line is simple. Reality and truth come out. This isn’t corporate America; you can’t just chalk up negative comments to sour grapes. In fact, we’re finding out more and more of the secret conspiracy-based actions that defy the laws of our land performed by Bunker Boy and his loyalists. As soon as they find themselves being on the outside, Agent Orange verbally assassinates the character and competence of people speaking the truth. It is shameful. His conspiracy actions have all been proven to be worth criminal investigations, most ironically around actual election interference in 2020, of which he and the Republicans are on trial for schemes to try and defraud the American vote. The list of witnesses against him in these cases are all Republican, and at some point, someone cracked the truth and that crack spread like a spider web.

Do we really believe everyone in the nation and the government that has a house with Republican Majority, a narrow Democratic majority in the senate, and above all, a heavily right tilted scale at the Supreme Court level, are all able to rig something of that magnitude and no one find out with concrete evidence? Secrets are hard to keep and even harder to keep with more people involved. The only evidence of conspiracy is being uncovered in court where Chump may be found accountable for the first time in his life…we hope.

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