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Doesn’t Fall Far From The…

By Ron Signore

Influence is a funny thing. The phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility,” means so much to me. Though I truly wish that influential acts were inspiring the best of everyone, we are truly seeing the influence of idiocy impact our world.

Cheeto Boy will find himself on the wrong side of history, just like his role models, Vladimir Putin, and Adolf Hitler. Though they are far from the only people who garnered power over weaker-minded individuals and endured negative outcomes for society, they are currently taking away what forever took to find.

We are currently living in a real-life version of ‘Back to the Future.’ However, instead of going back to do good by history and the future of civilization, we are staying in the present looking to reduce the quality of progress we have made throughout the years. The Republican Party in my lifetime used to stand for something. It didn’t matter if I agreed with the ideology or not, they used to depict wholesome family values, law and order, and conservative fiscal economics. Though much of that was guided by a notion of God and country, they portrayed the salt of the earth class of people.

Those of us in the trenches understood there was the high class, rich WASP Republican, and the lower class, typically trashy and uneducated version of the same party. Big city versus rural Americans. This always threw me for a loop because it seemed since Reagan, there wasn’t much love for that more rural class of Republicans. Reagan wouldn’t bail out the farmers, but W bailed out the banks. It is almost like they take for granted the fact that they can get away with anything because they advertise themselves as the Patriot Party.

Looking at the reality, Reagan carried influence over the Republicans, at least the majority of them, for years. Now his influence falls on what Bunker Boy refers to as RINO’s. Despite Reaganomics proving only to benefit the rich and keep the poor, poor, there was imagery that Reagan was helping our country and its future. He made people believe. Was that a gift from his ability to act and convince people of a performance? He stood up with gusto, and a pride in this country that needed something more to believe in after coming out of Jimmy Carter’s Presidency plagued with a troubled economy.

I think there are some things we can say were a swing and a miss with the Reagan policies, but did we ever question his intent for our country? It was a time when it was a true measure of conservative versus liberal ideology, and the spectrum of government participants was much tighter concerning the center of the ideological spectrum. The disagreements were out of serious belief in the best way to run the country and move it forward. Republicans found ways to run on fear, nationalism, and traditional family values which present the male-dominated household and specific gender roles. They took a platform on being the least costly party to the American people, opposing Democratic tax-heavy policies. Again, we know the impact of those policies on the economy now. Even the lack of speed for change in certain human rights, though wrong, seemed to be a typical result of the adoption of tolerance in society. Reagan and both Bush Presidents stood strong. They showed strength in the military and projected a dominance marked by the fall of the Soviet Union and our retaliation for 9/11.

That has all been flushed down the toilet with what I am sure are many classified documents. All driven by foundational fears provided by people like Rush Limbaugh and anything from the branches of Rupert Murdoch, we have found ourselves with a portion of this nation supporting someone of the complete opposite conjecture of the Grand Old Party. It started with a glimmer that maybe this could be someone who carried the Reagan torch. Chump projected a rich and successful image as a real-estate tycoon. He showed no filter in his verbal addresses, defying the state we knew. He got people fired up at a time when this nation had progressed from the first African American President transitioning potentially to the first Woman President of the United States. There was just enough fear of hurt male egos to not want another progression in this country.

The problem is people saw his image and related it to the image he flaunted as a reality tv star. Many made the misconception that running the government is not like running a business. Smarter people peeled back that onion quicker than others and realized that his ability to run a business was not something to brag about either. Maybe a strong running point would have been his ability to negotiate bankruptcy agreements and somehow correlate that to the national deficit.

Looking at it more, we have someone who traditionally portrays no family values. An adulterer with no shame focused on having a trophy wife who has likely never been to church other than his weddings. A man who brags about overturning Roe V Wade, taking away rights from women across the country, then taking a chicken 8h!t stance when it comes down to campaigning on the issue. A man who has avoided military duty and carries no connection to the working class of Americans. A federally indicted criminal and found rapist who that cries the country is rigged against him. This is the exact opposite of the values Republicans typically stood for. At least after Nixon got caught, he got his pardon and moved on. He didn’t press for undermining our democratic values. A man who killed a border reform bill solely for his political gain, yet still feels like running on the border is the right thing to do. A moral compass that is so far gone, we will see another total eclipse before he becomes morally in line.

Yet, he carries a power. The weaker intellectual beings bought into this rebellion to disregard the morality and fundamental structure of our laws. Using himself as a portrayed victim of an all too-powerful government and justice system, others are using this as guidance to defy the laws we have in place. It has extended to routine traffic stops and the so-called sovereign citizens claiming the laws of the land do not apply to them. If you haven’t seen those videos, check them out, you will laugh at the nonsense. This is essentially what Cheeto Boy is doing by continuing to claim unlawful prosecution, despite hard evidence of his wrongdoing. The whole existence of reality in America has gone out the window. His powers have been used irresponsibly which has resulted in seeing how the turd doesn’t fall far from the orange butt…

Ignorance has plagued the nation. While Joe Biden is not perfect, while I do not always agree with his execution on matters, and the fact that I wish there was someone younger in office, I cannot understand how this is even a competition. He inherited a mess. He has done a great job navigating the inherited mess, much like Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption who swam through a river of feces and came out clean on the other side. Biden brings a lot to the table, including hope for the majority of Americans. Let’s hope at some point, intelligence kicks in and saves us.

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