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Life Is Not Fair

By Ron Signore

If you have kids, you are familiar with the phrase, ‘life isn’t fair.’ It is one of the truest phrases anyone can say. It is really the equivalent of the southern states saying, ‘bless your heart,’ where we really don’t care how you feel, that is just life.

We have all had ups and downs in life. That is just how it goes. There is no utopia on this planet. We do not always get what we want. Our dreams don’t always come true. I don’t mean to dwell on this negative outlook, but the world is not fair.

There was a Facebook post from a friend that indicated the three ways to fail at everything is to blame all your problems on others; complain about everything; not be grateful. Any random person would look at that and believe the moral of the story is simple. You are responsible for you and the outcomes of your life. Others would sit there and think optimism will guide you, and that being appreciative of the opportunities will boost your trajectory to success.

In most cases, that is a great reality of the extent of that post on the surface. However, in this case, it was posted by a staunch Republican. A Republican who I know is anti-Biden, but I admit, I am not sure if they are pro-Chump. Regardless, it just pointed out the continuing hypocrisy that comes from the right in this country. We have a system that is very favorable to the right, anchored by the infamous current sitting of the Supreme Court. Yet, the cries for unfairness using words like persecution, echo through the air from the supreme Cheeto himself.

Here we have someone who was born with every advantage in life. He came out with a silver spoon in hand, similar to a real life Billy Madison. After he went through school, just having to get by, daddy’s business was there waiting for him. He was able to avoid the draft, live the playboy lifestyle, and continue to build wealth off the back of others. Currently, we have seen his decline in more ways than one. While the mainstream, and social, media pounce on the clear, obvious signs of his cognitive decline through demented speech, we are more importantly seeing the decline of his ability to skate through life unaccountable.

There is some likeliness of his educational gaps to where his stupidity is causing him trouble. I can look at the concept of his potential lack of understanding in a gag order, of which he continuously fails, versus his ability to testify on his own behalf. The reality is that we have a con man who knows how to swindle things to his favor. The court system is one of those things. Chump is no stranger to the court system, though the majority of his experience falls more likely to the civil side for lawsuits against him or his entities, the same old plays of delay tactics have continued.

Despite hard and fast evidence proving his actions and knowledge of breaking the law, he plays the victim card like nobody’s business. Though he grew up with every advantage, he constantly whines that the system is stacked against him. The judge is unfair. The election is rigged. His criminal prosecution is election interference at the hand of the crooked democrats. Not once do you hear even a remote possibility that he indeed broke the law in anyway. We find him in the unique position of, “I did nothing wrong,” ironically just like everyone else who pleads not guilty to crimes they committed.

Chump has a history of doing ‘nothing wrong.’ A former democrat transitioned to Republican, Cheeto boy found himself under the guise of several failed entities. Those entities wound up with lawsuits for not paying for services, fraudulently enrolling people into an unaccredited university, or on a more personal level with former employee/acquaintances filing suit for sexual misconduct.

The striking piece to this is that the things he has been alleged of on a personal level, including the sexual misconduct, or even being friends with Jeffrey Epstein, Republicans have ditched their morals to support him. Traditional family values go out the window when you support a divorced adulterer, multiple times over as a matter of fact. We have audio and visual evidence in each of these court cases currently going on, yet the party who preaches law and order shows that law and order only applies to those who do not believe in their little coup efforts. Say ‘racism’ without saying ‘racism,’ because that is who the right feels the criminals are that need to be subject to law and order.

We have gone centuries with the man keeping people down. The reality is that it isn’t just unfair for those who are not white or male, it’s a class-based system based on financial wealth. If you have money, your America is different. Your punishments are often less severe. I have to say often because there are times where this is not always the case, as well as cases where someone needs to be made an example out of. If you are not gifted with financial wealth, you are not getting the leniency that has been given for violating gag orders. You are not getting significant warning of potential indictments, or impending arrest. You aren’t able to get away with lying continuously on a subject with no proof.

The bottom line is that I agree with Agent Orange. Life is unfair. The problem is it has been more than fair to him and his rich peers. Even in times of trouble, the system is fairer to him than it is to any of us. It is unfair that we have to live with people like him who have an influence in this world. It is unfair that someone like him can poison the minds of people and their vision of logic. Its unfair that he can compromise our country because he wants to play the victim. It is unfair that people are so dumb that they can’t see through the storm of BS. It is unfair that we already have to prepare for chaos post-election should he lose again. It is unfair that this has become a Presidential race with a criminal who has done nothing to unify the country and offers nothing of a policy based ideological platform. It is unfair that we have to fear more than just being on the other side of an ideological stance. It is unfair the hypocrisy displayed with the sacrifice of one’s beliefs to support a con man. It is unfair that we have to potentially have a ‘leader’ who blames all his problems on anyone but himself, complains about everything, and shows zero genuine gratitude to anyone but himself.

It is unfair people will potentially make the wrong choice in November.

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