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Please Be The End

By Ron Signore

In my eyes, politicians are nothing more than popular lawyers. Well, for the most part. They have a goal of leveraging some form of law to better someone’s interests. The guise is that they are improving the interests of the people they may represent, but I think we have seen the reality of that dwindle over the years to be directed more towards personal interests.

Every now and then, someone with a visibly high iq, or at least high intellect in the area of American government comes along. We can observe their arguments over what is right, what is wrong, and what should be. Someone like Maryland’s Representative, Jamie Raskin, fits that bill well. It is an ongoing battle fought with the weaponry of logic and fact that should inspire many. It is someone who could give us some perceptive hope that there is a desire for reality and morality in how we progress as a nation.

Then you have the complete other side of the spectrum of who participates in government functions. You have people so stupid that you often wonder how they manage to exist in reality. Then further down the rabbit hole, you wonder how stupid people can be to elect someone so stupid. One clear example of that is the neanderthal looking Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia.

We all go through life with a natural human reaction thinking of someone who does not see our point of view on something as less intelligent. I think it is stupid that the majority of 9 appointed judges can dictate the healthcare choices women should be allowed to have themselves. I think it is stupid that people politicized any of the precautions required or suggested during the height of the pandemic. It didn’t mean I actually thought the person was of low intellect, just ignorant from my belief that they are misguided.

This is different. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the epitome of stupidity. It is not our difference in beliefs, be it from a religious or ideological standpoint. It does start with the insanity of her conspiracies and denial of racism and xenophobia hidden by the guise of projected paranoia of immigrants causing all the problems in this country. It is her use of certain vocabulary in extreme circumstances. Every time I hear her say, ‘the Biden regime,’ I want to scream. I suppose that’s not any different than any other time she opens her mouth. However, election deniers and constitutional ignorance hold a special place of disdain in my heart.

This is a woman with no class. The title of ‘distinguished gentlelady’ is one that I believe has to be used mockingly with her. There is nothing distinguished about her. Showing blatant ignorance to the foundational governing of our country, she maliciously displays herself as a loudmouth moron blasting actions of disrespect. Her constant desire to be outspoken and highlight her ignorance is matched only by the instance that she has no idea how stupid she looks when she speaks. Granted that is the case with many MAGA Republicans, she just takes the cake as being the biggest moron next to the orange turd.

A classless dirtbag who shows up in a MAGA billboard to the State of the Union address while accepting credit for the benefits the Biden Administration has provided to her constituency is just one of many acts of her stupidity. Someone with no respect or couth that when questioned by a reporter about her comment around ‘Jewish Space Lasers,’ she decides to smugly tell her to f-off. Then in the same breath, she wants to preach as if she is some sort of savior to Israel, that she loves and respects that holy land and it’s people so much, she condemns those who do not stand with Israel.

This idiot hasn’t just ruffled the feathers of those who have intelligence. She is creating waves in her own party. I mean, someone with so much Chumpism, being too Chumpy, that she irritates many of the other Chumpsters. A metaphorical, though blatant, exhibit of AT her was provided when she decided she wanted to bring a motion to oust Speaker Mike Johnson, against Agent Oranges wishes as it turns out, and she lost the vote 359-43. This is just one of many embarrassments that originated from the house majority in these past 4 years specifically. Symbolically, this movement and motion brings clear understanding that the party desire under Chump while Biden is in the White House is to eliminate governing.

Mike Johnson has religious and ideological views that are pathetic in this day in age, however, this ONE instance of working with the House to get governing measures passed deserves a nod of respect for having the testicular fortitude to go against the overall desires of the MAGA led GOP. His view on how America should align to far right, extreme Christian beliefs speaks for itself, but for the notion that he did his job in order to do the right thing, I can appreciate that. He isn’t a stupid man. No matter how stupid I feel his views are, he is educated and has his beliefs. Unlike Marjorie Taylor Greene, who can’t even demonstrate an intelligent thought, only proves that children were left behind in the failures of our education system here in America.

Between that neanderthal and the floozy trash from Colorado, we can only hope that their idiocy has run their course of being on displace within our foundational government. The day we can help rid the echoes of projection claiming facts as misinformation being spread to aid their agenda, is the day America takes a step in the right direction. I can handle the battles between a frat boy from Florida and personal vendettas from certain politicians who want to frame an indictment to impeach a President who has not been proven to have committed a high crime or misdemeanor. I can handle the mockery of politicians who oversee locker room behavior despite their complacency in past locker room scandals. These people will be dealt with as they find themselves on the wrong side of history. But the low IQ trash that makes a fool of themselves, a mockery of our governing institutions and laws, and has the views of a neanderthal are the first things that need to go. Colorado looks like there’s a chance for redemption. Can Georgian’s remove their head from whatever rectum they’re in to realize this idiot is hurting both them and the country?

Vote Blue in November.

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