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No One Wins

By Ron Signore

It is May 15, and there is a call to understand that there will indeed be Presidential Debates in the summer between President Biden and the Orange Turd. And on a side note, I am mad I didn’t trademark Orange Turd back in 2020. I digress. Being one for hopes of a younger generation of politicians to lead the country, as long as they aren’t Matt Gaetz or BoBo, the idea of watching two geriatric men debate is already not truly exciting to me.

In 2020, I honestly believed the debates were logically Biden’s to lose. I feel the same way today from a core principle of actually discussing and debating policy-based items. In fact, it was the 2020 debates that actually brought me to be more excited about now President Biden. While I was obviously voting Blue, as the campaign season began and took off, President Biden wasn’t my first choice. It wasn’t even that I didn’t have faith in him, or that I didn’t like him, I just would have preferred some new blood. Then the debate came. Once I heard him snap, “will you shut up, man,” I was all in.

Maybe I too am a hypocrite, because I hate bullies, but seeing an aggressive Biden call out Chump, taunting him with already beating him in two debates in 2020, made my day. Everyone’s advice has always been to not engage in the Cheeto game of playground bully debating, not to stand toe to toe with him because his game is personal and that of insults over logical reality. However, lets be honest with each other, Joe Biden is more like a silent assassin. It is like he welcomes people to underestimate him so when he attacks, he has the element of surprise. I mean, Sleepy Joe gained attention from his performance during his fiery State of the Union. There is no doubt that Biden is in better health than Agent Orange, but the consistent pounding of the message that Joe is a feeble old man drove the rumors that he had to be on performance enhancing drugs.

They still cannot make up their mind on whether he is Sleepy Joe, or master criminal mind Biden.

Even with the reality of Biden winning the debates, who will really win? While those of us with logic and an insight to the truth of real facts are excited to see Biden whip Chump all over the stage, the reality is I am not sure it is a win. It is almost like the 73-win Golden State Warriors from a few years back where 73 without the ring doesn’t mean a thing. Biden will fight with knowledge most of us already have. The Orange Turd will debate the alternate universe of facts that only his constituents believe. The pandering of that information will likely cause a stalemate with the morons still believing Agent Orange over reality. Maybe we can get lucky where some on the fence and independent voters can see the reality to the world and be swayed Blue.

In addition to the non-logical smoke and mirrors BS the Cheeto will spill, my nerves are being tested that he will just turn this into another platform for his poor me persecution with claims of corruption that are completely unfounded. While the benefit to us is the knowledge that he is full of it, the pandering will further rouse the opposition to believe that there is no real winning against the corruption machine Chump paints the picture of. They are already convinced that if Chump doesn’t win in November, it will again be ‘rigged.’

This ongoing concept of the Great Lie is causing fear in many. The reality is that many still believe the lie from the 2020 election loss, where we already have seen violent and dangerous acts towards individuals and our government. Many chanted ‘not my president’ in 2016 when Agent Orange won, but I am not sure I have seen violent coups trying to overtake the White House due to the election results. Not respecting someone is a whole lot different than trying to take over the government by way of coup. In fact, it was even unnecessary for Bunker Boy to hide during some BLM protests during 2020, yet it drew the fear and paranoia to the continuing white racist mentality his followers seem to have.

If the path continues to where Cheeto Boy loses, and echoes claims of corruption, my fear is that the attempt to overtake the nation will be far worse than 2020. Right now, we have ignorance left over from those arrested on January 6th. That event could have been a lot worse. At this point, I think it would be in 2024. I fear we will see more violence, maybe more spread out as opposed to concentrating at the Capitol Building.

I do also fear corruption in the 2024 election. However, not the reality of legally casted votes. My fear may be a little more farfetched, but it would be an extension of the conspiracies being prosecuted today in hindering the votes of democratic voters and fake electors. The GOP has consistently proven their corruption and complicity between the electoral process and the 2020 election denials. At some point, election reform has to happen. We should not have to consistently fear the reality of outcomes for elections every cycle. Thanks to the Orange Turd, reality is not good enough. Go ahead, call for recounts. But once everyone but your minions shoots down that the election was fraudulent, move on. We keep going in circles with alternate opinions being treated like fact. We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, how do we not have the technology to affirm the results of an election without doubt?

If Chump gains more morons from these debates, everyone loses. If he wins the election, everyone, except him and billionaires, lose. Women lose. Minorities lose. The middle and lower class lose. The bottom line is that there are not great outcomes even with the desired and probable one. We need to get out, get others out, educate to reality, and get them to VOTE BLUE. Otherwise,

America as we know it will be gone.

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