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Problems with Politicizing

By Ron Signore

With the genesis of the pandemic in late 2019, early 2020, many mistakes were made. Some were very obvious. That is to say, COVID was not a hoax. Understanding that allows for some realistic understanding of what was right and what was wrong in hindsight. For starters, downplaying an epidemic was wrong. Worse when you consider a man who looked at the sun during a solar eclipse was the medical genius downplaying it. But, hey, go ahead and drink the bleach to kill the virus. Speaking of ‘hey,’ make sure you take your ivermectin.

For as far back as I can remember, there have been conspiracy theories around the government. False flag conspiracy theories around major events like 9/11. Those theories typically revolved around a distrust towards the government. Between forever ago and now, the anti-establishment movement has become popular. It has divided many into the categories of being identified as being controlled by the government or being free. By not conforming to one side, you are conforming to the other by default. Chants of being called sheep by those who follow a cult continue to be rich and incredibly hilarious with it’s irony.

But this conspiracy thinking ideology that has become so mainstream has put us in a spin of politicizing every single thing. Heck, it is politicizing common sense and morality. Mask mandates had no real harm, maybe were not the most effective preventative measure, but did not hurt became politicized. At first, it seemed that the rebellion against COVID measures was against the paranoia projected by the mainstream media, but quickly escalated into the deep state trying to control us. The vaccine, which has always had some base of anti-vaxxers in general, but based on ‘scientific research,’ became politicized.

The problem with these measures is that we really may never know what the right route was in this era. I had the jab and the boosters. I got COVID after 3 years. I was sick for a couple days, but ultimately experienced the expectation I was informed of should I had gotten COVID. Symptoms were not terrible, and I didn’t wind up in the hospital. I will never know what the impact would have been if I didn’t go down that path and gamble by not taking the vax. Then there are those that died from complications- is it a guarantee they would have lived had they had the vax? We can make educated guesses, but like all things science, only time and data will give us realistic probabilities.

There was at least some understanding of the ideological politicization to most things. It goes towards a common theme to my writing in not always worrying about the ‘why’ but to understand the ‘what.’ Making decisions in spite of what we may believe is the ‘why’ is not always in our best interests. Then again, neither is voting Republican as a veteran, farmer, or unionized worker, but I digress. Forget these notions that we continue to see people vote against their best interests, especially because of being misled by false narratives, people have sacrificed their beliefs and principles under a politicized notion.

In this past week, we observed delays in congressional proceedings because members of congress wanted to go support their cult leading orange Comrade at his criminal trial in New York. As if this wasn’t enough of an embarrassment for members of our governing body to support a criminal more openly than we have witnessed over the years, they did his bidding to violate his gag order. Consistent projection and deflection over the reality of the crimes he is being tried for associated with misleading claims of innocence outside of the courthouse. I think it was BOBO that kept spewing that the crime was made up, questioning what the crime was, the defendant doesn’t really know what he is even being tried for…something to that effect. This is where I reached a point of finality with the nonsense.

First of all, if the Orange Comrade Turd doesn’t know why he is being tried, then he certainly doesn’t belong at the helm of our government where the defense of our constitution needs to happen. Second, crying that the system of law in this country is unfair is ridiculous coming from the party of is supposed to stand for the law and order of things in our nation. Third, they just look like idiots. Did you ever think that such a hardcore conservative Christian like Mike Johnson would be at a trial in support of an adulterer paying hush money to a porn star? If you had that on your MAGA Idiot Bingo Card, good for you.

The problem is that this display of idiocy has only pandered to the low iq base of constituents to believe in some narrative that this is good versus evil. They are projecting that the government and constitution Republicans cry so hard about, is the evil side. It isn’t claims of innocence, though there are plenty of acts that portray ignorance. It is just more hypocrisy displayed by supporters of a criminal. They have really done something that I never really imagined could be done. They have politicized intelligence and morality. I might add that they have done this in the most back as swards way too.

They have driven so much hate towards the democrats and the government that they have literally put people in the position of being pro government or anti government by way of defending or blowing up our constitution. Republicans cry that the system is rigged, yet the people on trial have been proven guilty of trying to defraud the American people. Asking what about Bill Clinton, or John Edwards…? No one condoned their actions, but whatever they did, they apparently did legally. And if they didn’t, someone needs to investigate further. Otherwise, all things are not equal.

That’s the key problem in politicizing morality. It has become a good versus evil, or us versus them, mentality in what is now an everyday battlefield. We should not be in this kind of position, end of story. The real difference between us and them is that we condemn those who do wrong, no matter who they are. We condemn hate and segregation. We condemn idiocy or lack of logic. We study everything without assumption. But right now, the difference between the left and right has become somewhat simple: people who think and people who follow. Left right now falls just to the left of where MAGA begins ideologically. There are definitely some logical republicans as crazy as that sounds. Sure, they may stand a party ticket on a partisan issue, but there are some you can believe hold their ideology and morality separate. Think Liz Cheney. Think Adam Kinzinger. They may have a different set of ideologies, but they haven’t sold their morality or soul to the Orange Beelzebub. I can respect that.

Ideological debate helps move this country forward. It opens eyes. It shows the many avenues of citizens in our country. Were stuck right now in a stagnant position because a certain set of people only want to care about a certain portion of the country; the approval of the anti-christ. It is embarrassing and if we don’t vote blue in November, people will see how bad it really is.

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