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It is Not Politics, It is Morals

By Ron Signore

Clearly, I show a blue bias. There is no denial that ideologically speaking, that scale tips left. But we have done something indefensible as a society that has gotten us to this point of divide we are in. We have politicized morals. We have made excuses that the action, no matter the action, is right or wrong based on who is doing it. MAGA would have you believe everything Biden or the democrats do is wrong and evil, when the reality is it is largely just a difference on opinion on what is good for our country going forward. Ideological differences had debates, had facts to either concur or contradict.

Now, we have groups of people basing their arguments on every topic on a personal belief of good versus evil. Sadly, some are more misguided than others in their choices to disregard facts. Lines have been crossed that seem impossible to come back from. Personal attacks on political ideologies illustrate the concept of taking business personally. That line continues to become farther the more truthful reality tends to get against the unfounded opinion of others.

We had an historic event happen on May 30th, 2024. The application of the law beyond a reasonable doubt was put forth by 12 citizens to convict the Orange Turd on all 34 counts of indictments brought by Alvin Bragg. This is historic because it is the first time a President has been convicted of a crime in our country’s history.

My first concern was that guilty verdict coming back would lead to riots and violence. So far, it seems that hasn’t been the response, but it is still fresh. The scarier part is that while many logical minded people either celebrated the verdict or understood/believed the reality of the verdict, the popularity of this scumbag doesn’t erode much. Poll numbers still show support. Vegas odds (gambling) still favor him to win in November. There is a lot of time between now and November 5th, anything can happen and change projection perceptions, but the IQ level of many will continue to drop as well.

We have an ex-President who is planning on regressing the rights of many in this country that are protected by the constitution of our United States, bragging that these actions will be in defense of the constitution. A convicted felon of laws under our governing legal umbrella out speaking continuously to delegitimize our laws, courts, judges, and systems as he continues to try and delegitimize our election and governing body. His claims echo through household televisions and over the noisy background of Manhattan that yet another loss came to him because the process is rigged.

Every single contest that involves Agent Orange since the 2015 campaign trail has been met with a pre-conclusion announcement that the only way he could lose is if the contest is rigged. While there is irony that he has been the one caught with his hand in the cookie jar to try and get things overturned and delegitimize the voice of the people. When will he or his followers learn their lesson. First, he won in 2016 in the electoral college with Russian interference. I think the less intelligent think that means that there was a falsification of votes from Russia at the behest of Agent Orange. While this may or may not actually be the case, despite my beliefs, the bottom line is Russian interference swayed voters with their disruption in social media networks. He still lost the popular vote. In 2020, he lost both the popular vote and electoral college. Since his election defeat, he has had lawsuits and just under 100 criminal indictments against him. Furthermore, all of these indictments have proof of broken laws, and elaborative schemes to bury the visibility of illegal participation.

At some point, one would think it would sink in that this man, who has several failed businesses, a failed reality tv show, all these legal happenings and more going back further, with a history of stiffing the working man, would realize that maybe he is the common denominator of all his problems. Of the whole population of Earth, the whole population of the United States of America, this narcissist believes that every single bad thing that happens to him is someone else’s fault, that the world is rigged and out to get him. The truth is this man and his family have made their money off the very people who support him along with those who don’t. He has leveraged our legal system to build his fortune and escape responsibility. It had shielded him for long enough, and finally caught up to him.

While I celebrate accountability being applied by the convictions out of spite for this turd, it really is an embarrassing time for our country. It further shows the lack of reality and intelligence that lives amongst us. The blindness of a cult. The failed understanding of democracy and our government. The correlation to figures who deserve respect, sympathy, and empathy like Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa is sickening. Even so much as supporting and praying for someone some idiots compare to Jesus makes me sick. It makes me lose faith in humanity but proves my understanding of the low intellect and hypocrisy humanity holds.

These actions of the blind faith followers allow for a block of reality to the situation. They have applied the fear and paranoia from abundant doses of misinformation and turned opinions on ideological topics into matters of good and evil. They have allowed the immoral, the very temptation they typically pray to deliver us from, control their minds. They have rewritten their version of religion and history to fit what they ignorantly are afraid of. They thumb their noses at the party that drives inclusivity and support for our citizens while accepting the programs they offer.

Some do not even realize that the actions and policies that the Orange Turd wants to put into motion will show them no mercy. The crook is telling you to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Each day the curtain has gotten pulled back farther and farther and it seems like pride and ego to their investment in this snake oil salesman won’t let them see reality. Just remember, he doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about your rights. He doesn’t care about anyone other than himself and his own wealth. Stop getting played the fool. You do not have to like or agree with Joe Biden. You don’t need to share his ideology. But that does not mean you have to keep supporting someone who stands for everything opposite of what your entire party’s ideology stood for. Just admit you are wrong and find a candidate that can at least be respected, or most of all, respects our constitution, democracy, laws, and factual truths.

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