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Continued Hypocrisy…

By Ron Signore

These days, if the Republican Party or Republican voter, stand for anything, it is hypocrisy. They have found an amazing skill in the tactic of applying hypocrisy to everything, usually pinning them as the victim.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock the past couple of weeks, you likely know all about Harrison Butker’s commencement speech that can only be described with terms like misogynistic. He continues to take the year 2024 and apply 1950’s thinking and projecting it to the world. The general gist of the speech puts women into the gender type role of homemaker (to put it kindly) and arrogantly claims that’s the role they should be excited about in life. That is the opportunity women graduating college should be looking for. Bring babies into this world, stay home, cook, clean, and repeat with the implication of the man being the bread winner.

The speech was met with the typical backlash on the interwebs. Social media exploded with arguments condemning Butker for this backwards way of thinking. Some approaching the same point through a more satirical approach, which is my way of dealing with anything typically. The offensive against Butker came as no surprise in this cancel-culture, woke based world.

The shock to all of this was the people coming to the defense of Butker. They took a few approaches that really portray a sad, yet eye opening, reality to who we live amongst. In the days following, Butker’s jersey sales reached new heights. Like the stock market, a news catalyst projected the activity around the stock. The indication simply deducts that we have people so proud to agree with his sentiments that they want to be a moving billboard for the man. Just another section of the web spun off the MAGA movement in this country.

Another approach has been to turn the resurrection of the Colin Kaepernick scenario around into something it is not. Revisionist history from the right wants to spin the two scenarios to where there was ‘no problem’ defending Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem, but here we are condemning Butker and his right to free speech. First of all, the people defending Butker are the ones who cried that they would no longer be NFL fans, further making Kaepernick out to be some sort of domestic infidel to our nation.

There were a lot of emotions around the Kaepernick situation. The law and order party and it’s constituents crucified Kaepernick whether they understood or didn’t understand his motivation behind his actions. But lets put the concept into perspective for a second. Kaepernick, using his right to free speech mind you, peacefully protested by kneeling during the anthem against police brutality in this country. A professional athlete protesting for the rights of all was essentially blackballed from the NFL. In the process, chants of boycotting the NFL from the right echoed media avenues. The response to those echoes was actually a rise in viewership, thus a rise in revenues. Essentially, the NFL did not feel pain from the loss of the anti-Kaepernick crowd.

This example of free speech is considered anti-American and was attacked by hatred. Yet, the example of free speech that the right complains is trying to be silenced is being echoed as heroism and courageous of Butker. Following MAGA suit, its just astonishing how the idea of looking like a moron, looking like trash, looking like a jerk all appeal to them. The concept of their words that many condemn because they are perceived as white, Christian, male superior, or that of something heard out of the 1950’s from the woke crowd. This attack from the left around ignorance becomes perceived as a need to defend their right to sound like an (insert correct noun here).

What they do not get is that we very much understand that portraying yourself that way is their right. What they do not understand is that their free speech, while legal, does not make it right. It makes them hypocrites. They are coming out with the notion that their view points are the only ones that should matter, and everyone else’s are unamerican. When they happen to get called out on being tools, their default becomes, “yea, well, what about…?” The action and legality of both sides is not the problem. The message is. The cancel culture we live in today is simply people wanting to disassociate with frictional views. It is a social consequence to their words or actions.

This anti-woke party refuses to accept consequences for their words and actions. It goes all the way up the Moscow-loving food chain to Agent Orange. No one is getting thrown in jail for speaking. The government is not coming after Harrison Butker to jail him for his commencement speech. His rights are protected constitutionally. That doesn’t mean that people have to enjoy or agree with his views that are tied to that speech. I agree with his right to say what he said, I don’t agree with what he said. Anyone with daughters, or who is related to a female, should be upset with this antiquated gender role stereotyping.

Where the line gets drawn in a need for these people to maybe be legally interfered with is when some sort of actual harm can come from the words spoken. The old saying of you can’t falsely yell fire in a crowded theater or joke about explosives in an airport/on a plane need to be remembered by people. These analogies are clearly leading to potential anarchy, chaos, and potential harm. Sure, people get offended. But standing up and saying things to intentionally offend people just so you can say it is your right to do so is just being a tool. And I am sugarcoating that.

But this constant need to play the victim because the world tells them to shut up is getting old. The leader of a desired unified Reich does not understand this concept, so in every sense, it becomes a game of follow the Orange Turd leader. Taking constitutional or social advice from a man who clearly doesn’t know our constitution, and looks directly into an eclipse, is just admitting you are a moron. His gag orders in these cases are not suppression of his free speech, they are a shield to protect potential harm or manipulation to those involved in the specific legal process. Someone felt that there was a potential threat to someone in some way to simply say he needs to shut up during this proceeding.

Sometimes, thicker skin is needed. Everyone is offended by something. And while Harrison Butker looks like a jerk, the only real harm he may have done was to his reputation. The Orange Turd, however, has spewed some very dangerous notions that have already resulted in violence, or aggressive behavior upon his behalf. There needs to be control of what comes out of his mouth because he is constantly putting our nation in danger. Some people are just too stupid to realize it.

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