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By Geno McGahee

Nancy Grace, the charismatic host of HLN, has been covering the Casey Anthony case since the beginning. Grace has great instincts and knows when a case is going to be hot and the Anthony case proved a gold mine for her and her show, but when the not guilty verdict came in, Grace noted that she “felt sick,” and that was the sentiment of much of the public that surrounded the courthouse, demanding vengeance for Caylee.

I watched the interviews of the people around the courtroom and it was madness. The emotions were high and many of the people just wanted blood. The death of a child is a terrible thing and the public had decided that Casey was the one responsible for the death and were eagerly awaiting her escort to the electric chair. When they opened the courthouse door and said: “Good luck, you’re free,” to her, the crowd erupted in anger.

Several angry people shouted biblical phrases and remarks about Karma, and these are the people that could possibly do something stupid to avenge the death of Caylee. The terrible thing about cases that create a media frenzy like this is that some people cannot let it go, and that’s what we are dealing with here with many of the die-hard followers of this case.

Nancy Grace was in shock and said she loved the system, but the system failed, and that is the thought of many of the followers of the case, but Casey was found not guilty and those demanding blood lost. The unfortunate thing is that a great deal of people believe what they hear without doing any research. Because Nancy Grace said it, it’s the truth. Grace will still carry on and continue to cover the Anthony story in the months to come, but she has not been immune to media scrutiny.

When Casey was found not guilty, some of the media wondered how it could be, and began analyzing the coverage of the case and primarily the coverage by Grace. She was quick to respond when the questions were posed, and she defended her nickname of “Tot Mom” for Casey, stating that she is a tot mom too, but most believe the moniker was a negative one. Grace insisted that she was using her expertise to follow the evidence and draw the conclusion that Casey was definitely guilty. Grace’s following has not shaken due to the verdict. In fact, it may have gotten stronger.

Grace is a very sharp and charismatic figure, and she will soon find a new topic to cover. The Anthony family moves on and it will be going through very tough times in the weeks, months, and years to come. With George being accused of covering up the death and being a molester, brother Lee being a groper, the death of a child, and the public still wanting blood, life will not be a paradise for this family. Let’s hope that the public will behave and honor the decision that the court has made. You may not like it, but that’s our system, and it worked, even if it was wrong.




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