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Hope For the Best, Expect the Worst

By Ron Signore

A President getting convicted, much less 34 times over, is an historic moment in our lifetime. In a real-world scenario for our legal system, we are dealing with a not so normal reality people seem to live in when it comes to the laws of our land. The MAGA revolution seems to be making the idea of law-and-order regress to be the laws of our land don’t matter. My first fear was that his popularity would boost. My second fear was more of an annoyance in hearing the gloating of MAGAts and their claims of he did nothing wrong, or that they were right and the dems along with the mainstream media lied…yada yada. However, the reality of the law was applied, Agent Orange will be held accountable. It can be argued that the prosecution proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt and 12 brave citizens agreed. His sentencing is scheduled for July 11, 2024.

With militia minded Cheeto supporters, the grandest fear becomes those potential realities of domestic terrorism. There are alignments of a violent mindset in standing with that loser. They want to deflect and play the BLM protests to being violent riots, giving them the ground to say, “but what about…”? While there have been instances of no peaceful protests that escalated to riot status for BLM, the overall disruption caused by their movement is trying to align equality and stop police brutality. Those examples of looting and riots I do condemn. Two wrongs do not make a right applies to my simple mind. That does not include escalations caused by antagonist participants from the police or crowd.

But many MAGA people are nuts. They live in a world of disillusion. They are just crazy enough to try and unite to organize a regulated militia in efforts to secede from the United States, at least from being bound by ours. Unlike the 19th century, where the Civil War had relatively defined boundaries, we live in a nation where the divide is so mixed that violence could break out in a similarity to guerilla warfare. Random domestic attacks in areas that are integrated between those for Democracy and those supporting the authoritarian. There will be no battlefields drawn, and a constant threat of violence at random.

There was a newer movie released starring Kirsten Dunst called, “Civil War.” The title in this current political climate sparked my interest. Were already at battle in somewhat of an intelligence based cold civil war, but one spark could ignite an explosion so powerful that the country tears itself apart from within. With Nick Offerman acting as the POTUS, in his third term mind you, I am not sure I could have deciphered which side would align as the real life MAGA, and the real-life pro-democracy. Could a third term foreshadow the thought of a Cheeto winning in November and continue his intent to never leave the White House again? The two states that seceded were Texas and California, so I am not entirely sure which side they were to represent, except it seemed that the press was aligned with them being the Western Front. The thought of a liberal minded press chronicling a rebellion had me believe that the government led by Nick Offerman was to represent our MAGA minded people.

But I digress. It doesn’t really matter, does it? The concept of having a battle internally on our soil, leaving carnage from coast to coast is a distinct possibility. While I don’t feel like there would be a full-scale organized war like we could imagine a normal war to look like, the idea that this could happen more often on smaller scales across the country will leave blood in our soil. The hatred aimed at minorities, or targets typically sought by hate groups will increase. Then those who are in the unfortunate position of working in governmental facilities will be at risk. Ultimately any of those who defy the word of Agent Orange would be on some sort of list to cleanse in their eyes.

Our currency will be reduced to worthless. Our manufacturing, supply chain, gdp…worthless. Costs will skyrocket beyond what we are experiencing now because supply will be at an all-time low with an all-time high in demand. Citizens walking around the streets, defending gas stations and grocery stores with assault rifles will be a regular occurrence. Homes will be evacuated, and camps will be set up as communes. Rations will be a need to survive. Delirium and chaos will fill the communities across the states, enabling the survival of the fittest mentality. Innocent people, those just looking to live their life, will lose their lives. Our defenses spread so thin that we open the door for outside countries to attack.

While the idea of a guilty verdict will make many of us happy, someone will snap. If Agent Orange is jailed, the voices in these loonies heads will formulate some sort of hero notion to fight on his behalf. If Cheeto Boy is elected, violence against those who oppose him will be present. The ongoing years of destruction he will open this country up to will be an unforgiving, and brutal era.

While that movie was a story, the fear of the potential reality is real. I am tired of seeing innocent people hurt or killed because the mentality of the assailants is corrupted by the misguided notions that these liars have taken them on. I do believe, however, that if something so extreme becomes reality, the good guys would eventually prevail. I think there are enough allies across the nation and the world that would align to stop evil. The world has done it before, and we have been there to rescue others from annihilation, I think one way or another, the favor would be returned.

This will not be a country people with a respectable IQ will want to live in if red prevails. It is already a struggle dealing with them when blue prevails. However, at least if blue prevails in this case, and in this upcoming election, we will get the chance to be heard on potential changes or needs for our country going forward. If red prevails, it will be whatever benefits Orange, and all of us will suffer, even those who will have to learn the hard way from supporting him.

Vote Blue.

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