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I Escaped a Dangerous Cult – Shocking Must Read Story

By Ana Braga

Leaving MAGA was one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done in my life. It’s truly a cult and it can be very unsafe to leave it. One day when I’m very old I’ll have young people asking me how was it to be in the MAGA cult during the Trump era?

I hope I can say we ended it at the ballot box in 2024 after voting President Joe Biden in for a second term. Meanwhile, it’s June 2024 and MAGA is still alive and unwell. June is Pride and Juneteenth Month. MAGA hates both, which isn’t a secret to anyone. But they’ll come out and say “We aren’t racist we all bleed red.” Or “We don’t hate gays, just don’t shove it down our throats and leave kids alone!”

Translation: Go back in the closet and don’t ever talk about it in public. Leave the kids alone they say? Most sexual crimes against children are done by straight males, usually a family member, acquaintances or a priest/pastor. Don’t believe me? Look it up. MAGA also has a strange obsession with Michelle Obama and any woman on the left for that matter. Why do they want Michelle and all liberal women to have a penis?

When I was in MAGA and pushed back against their racism and prejudice, they always replied with “you’re trans, you’re a whore or your boobs are fake.” As you can see, they’re highly educated!

You might be reading this and wondering what was I doing in MAGA? I wonder the same thing my friends. I’m glad I left because I never belonged in it. I was sucked in for wanting a smaller government and legal immigration. As an immigrant myself, I was fooled by the MAGA agenda where dangerous criminals from abroad were coming in and we would all get raped and killed. Also, the America first agenda was meant to focus on our economy/country.

Well, I was wrong and I know exactly what it means now. I wasn’t paying attention and got fooled, I feel embarrassed to have ever been in it. It’s something I’m gonna have to come to terms with and forgive myself.

I hope everyone in the LGBTQ community is having a fun and safe month. I’m an ally of the community and you’ll always have a friend in me. Please check on each other and your friends and family. Pride is about celebrating the LGBTQ community and their accomplishments in the world. It’s about love and acceptance. To our friends celebrating Juneteenth, please be safe as well.

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