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Delusional as Usual

By Ron Signore

Every once in a while, I get bored. I can rationalize that I am not trolling, but the reality is, in many cases that’s the only thing it can be. During periodic breaks where I need to mentally clear my head from whatever it is I am doing, which is a good tactic to avoid short term burnout and eliminate mistakes, I will go on social media and make my anti- Bunker Boy, Pro-Blue comments on posts. My initial goal is just to point out the stupidity some of these MAGAt’s have, even though deep down I know they will never accept reality and live in an alternate world.

Then there are times these comments spark a secondary joy for me. The delight of triggering a MAGA moron who deflects or condemns anything that isn’t in favor of their view. Someone told me this morning that I must be a liberal on a comment that triggered a MAGAflake in one of those posts that claim the only reason Biden isn’t a convicted felon was because he was deemed mentally unfit. Classic exaggeration on Robert Hur’s report of Biden during the investigation over the handling of classified documents.

I should know better not to engage. You can get somewhere with a smart individual (maybe not win, but at least be productive), but you will never get anywhere with an idiot. This moron kept pelting me with how we do not understand MAGA and if we did, we would not have any disdain for them. Furthermore, we are trained to hate them because of left wing propaganda.

Here is what they never seem to understand. Many of us with intelligence make judgements based on factual evidence, real proof, typically around morality. We typically feel that if Biden did something wrong, he should face the consequences of the law. We do not fly pride flags when our agenda is to hinder the rights of that community in hypocritical fashion like they do with ‘thin blue line’ flags, confederate flags, or the ultimate irony to me in the ‘don’t tread on me’ flags. We don’t fly our nation’s flag upside down because we do not agree with the outcome of a free and fair election.

If anyone follows Hawk, he promotes a shirt that says “We the People” in rainbow colors also claiming that includes everyone. That is the concept they do not understand. The blue agenda that differs from the red agenda is that it is inclusive of all. Plain and simple. Their demonization based on false narratives keeps them in their delusional world. Their paranoia drives these false narratives. They’re ultimately afraid of gay, claiming this could be the result of the perverted drag community reading books at story time in schools. Give me a break. Their basic understanding of human nature is so diluted due to a neanderthal clutch of the bible as truth.

Then they can’t even get that right. It seems like homosexuality is the only thing worth focusing on from the good book. I read scripture every day, and it seems by the way they act and puff their chest on many topics they’ve tried to politicize by religion, they are acting in the exact opposite fashion of what any branch of the Christian faith expects. We live in a capitalist society, where money isn’t free, and we have division amongst socio-economic classes. Both of which look the opposite way on. They’re ok with interest on borrowing, but they are not okay with helping others in need. Granted we have two avenues conceptually on that, one being legally needing to pay taxes which provide community/social programs for those in need, and self-donation investments to specifically guide funds to a specific cause. In fact, their key principle, as truly demonstrated by their cult leader, is look out for number one and every man for themselves. The heck with everyone else as long as they get to do what they want. They worship a conman in some sort of false prophecy and relate his ability to con people and cheat the system to that of their ultimate lord and savior, Jesus Christ. It is embarrassing. I should say of all the things they progressed with in the bible, I am glad they decided to clothe their bodies.

What I do not understand is where these conceptions they have of the left really came from? I can understand a desire ideologically speaking to ideally keep as much of your earnings as possible, and an association of higher taxes to Democrat is made. Again, that’s where I miss ideological debate, because these are arguments that I can at least understand even if I do not agree. However, the core principles of acceptance and kindness are blatantly disregarded. Despite that even in a governmental foundation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all, they condemn those who see things differently. They use and manipulate people to spread their message when they have no interest of inclusion of said groups of people. Ignoring the concept of your freedoms only extends to the bounds of infringement on someone else liberties. They mistake freedom, and freedom of speech, to be a crutch in their misguided desire to claim oppression. They project a notion of hate from the left, when the fact is what we hate is intolerance.

The prime motivation for these people is that of the younger sibling waving their hand in one’s face claiming “I’m not touching you, so I am not doing anything wrong…it’s a free country.” A lack of consideration for all that fall under our border, a lack of empathy, has driven paranoia into hate. That hate has been projected to be hated against, and in turn, eliminating their freedoms. The reality of it is they have tricked themselves into believing that they are something they are not. They have taken a stance that aligns with isolation and segregation to some degree where only the further intolerance of a new hated group limits the previously hated groups a little bit. The reality is that none of their freedoms have been taken away with the exception of the laws we all have to abide by to make our society work. It is just too much for them to allow for a drive of equality, and furthermore ignoring their own faults to spotlight those that align with their desires.

These people have the right to be stupid. No matter what we do in the real world, they will never be satisfied, and they will continue to allow division of our country. We need to stand up now.

Vote Blue.

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