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What They All Had In Common

By Deanna Maria R.

Isaac Newton, Alan Hart, Sally Ride, & Ben Barres are notable figures in history for what they contributed to science, through science, worldwide. Other than being scientists in their chosen fields they all had another more personal connection that will be revealed at the end of the article. First, let us review what it is that they contributed to the name of science.

Isaac Newton

Newton was born in 1643 and died in 1727. He developed the theories of gravity and the laws of motion. Newton was a mathematician, physicist, astronomer, alchemist, theologian, and author.

Alan Hart

Hart was born in 1890 and died in 1962. He studied and treated tuberculosis, developing x-ray techniques to identify cases. He was a physician, radiologist, and author.

Sally Ride

Ride was born in 1951 and died in 2012. She was a female astronaut. The 1st class of women hired by NASA. She was an astrophysicist.

Ben Barres

Barres was born in 1954 and died in 2017. He studied the roles glial cells played in the nervous system. He was a neuroscientist.

And what else did they have in common?

Alan Hart, Ben Barres, & Sally Ride were part of the LGBTQ community and Isaac Newton is speculated to have been also.

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