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Dear House and Senate GOP

By Sharon Synowsky

Dear GOP Senators and Representatives,

Dudes, your June 13 meetings with Trump…wha…who…whhhh…

What the actual FUCK was that bullshit?

I have never before seen such a sorry display. It was a weird combination of aggressive sycophancy and obsessive fan girl/boy fawning. It was disgusting.

Now, I have letters to a number of you individually, but I needed to address you as a group about this. It’s so ironic that the same people who disparage Taylor and the Swifties turned into star-struck 13-year-olds around Trump. But the GOP is where irony goes to die these days.

It was ridiculous.

It was funny.

It was frightening.

And it was eye-opening.

It was ridiculous how you all stood before him with your heads bowed, as if he were royalty. It was ridiculous how you all kept clapping once Trump left the room, as if he could see you clapping through the door (to paraphrase Lawrence O’Donnell) or so you could claim “I clapped longest!”. It was ridiculous that you allowed him to set foot on the Capital campus at all.

It was funny watching you all turn into fan boys and girls. Pathetically funny. It was like the time when I was 8 and my aunt took me and my girl cousins to the Shawn Cassidy concert and all 5 of us yelled, “We love you, Shawn!” and he said, “I love you too!” and we argued all the way home that “I was loudest, so he was talking to ME”. From Tim Burchett’s “He knew my name, he said ‘hi, Tim’” to Mike Johnson’s “He said I was doing a good job” down to MTG’s “He recognized me”, you all bragged, breathlessly and smiling, about how Trump acknowledged you. Pathetically funny.

It was frightening to have an actual visual of you lining up like lemmings willing to jump off the cliff with Trump. It was frightening to know that you will take this country right over that cliff with you. It was frightening to see MAGA’s stranglehold finally kill the party. It was frightening to see the Party of Reagan release its agonal death rattle. It was frightening to realize that none of you has an ounce of courage in your bodies. It was frightening to actually witness all of you selling your souls to Donald J. Trump at once.

It was eye-opening to the fact that not a single, solitary one of you is a leader anymore. Not one of you has the qualities befitting a Senator and Congressmember. You are no longer there to legislate for your constituents, you are there for Donald and ONLY Donald. It was eye-opening to the fact that you all are just fine and dandy to trash democracy and usher America into fascism and make Trump your dictator. Trump. Seriously, you couldn’t find someone SMART to try and sacrifice this country to?

It is ridiculous that you think it will work. It is funny that none of you realizes that Trump is using you ALL, and he will turn on you the moment he no longer needs you. It is frightening that American Senators and Representatives have become the Fourth Reich, in service to an American Hitler. It is eye-opening to see how you all are so willing to look ridiculous, to lie, to twist yourselves into pretzels to provide excuses and cover, to destroy our nation and watch its citizens die, all in service to Donald J. Trump.

And that’s just pathetic.

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