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The Bible, God, Jesus, The Big Bang Theory, Space Aliens Oh My!

By Deanna Maria R.

Is the Bible a work of incredible fiction? Does God exist? Was Jesus a prophet or the son of God? Was an omnipresent being responsible, or is the creation of everything explained by the Big Bang theory & evolution? Could it be space aliens?

I believe questions like these can never be answered by humankind, and all I can give you is what I believe. No matter what theories arise, no matter what scientists, historians, theologians, the pope, priests, pastors, or that clearly mentally ill guy that has been on that same corner for centuries holding ‘THE End Is Near sign’, says, those questions will never with one truth, be answered.

Why do I say that? Because I wouldn’t be writing this if they had been answered, if they could be answered. The debate would have ceased to exist.

Is the Bible a work of incredible fiction?

The people that are claimed to have witnessed any of it, or written books from the Bible, or that were even mentioned in the Bible are not alive to ask. ‘Man’ lies, embellishes, and exaggerates. The original information has been translated and retranslated so many times you know some of the original meaning words and possibly even books of the bible have been lost. It’s in riddles and parables. Even the order of the books, the information doesn’t all align, it seems not to fit together. So do I believe it is just all fiction, no. It’s like that game where one person in the circle tells the next person something and by the time it gets back around to the OG, it either isn’t what was said, or has been exaggerated to include things never added. The entirety of what I think the Bible means, ‘Be nice, or else there will be consequences.’ I do however believe in God.

God and Jesus v. the Big Bang theory, evolution and space aliens

I, for one, do not believe in man-made religion. After all, it’s fallible humans who created religion. I have no problem with the church, per se, it’s the people inside I take issue with. No, I’m more spiritual in my beliefs, I believe in God/Jesus and free will. So, you may ask, why do I believe God exists if not by what ‘man’ says or has written. Simple, if nothing was here then someone or something had to create it.

If a ‘someone’ per se, an omnipresent being’ a God, didn’t exist there would have been nothing to collide or ‘BANG’ to create anything. The Big Bang theory (not the TV series), simply put, suggests that the universe expanded from a single point of light. So, who put the light there, if not God or if the light isn’t God, space aliens? God himself would be considered a being, therefore alien, not human, and he would have created the rest. Well, what about evolution, if you’re so smart? God created the mechanism or means to evolution. If there was nothing here, evolution could never occur. Someone had to create it.

If you don’t believe in the Bible, then where do your beliefs on Jesus come from? I never said, I do not believe in the Bible. Reread the article, you are not paying attention. The question that should be asked is, where does Jesus fit into all this. Was he the son of God, or simply a prophet?

I believe he was or is the son of God, & the prophet of the people. Do I believe everything written by ‘man’ that’s in the Bible about Jesus, not all. I believe in the meaning of the man. He existed to connect us to God.

One last thing, remember these are only my beliefs. You are free to believe what you will, in God or not at all. No two beliefs are the same, unless you are in a cult, and told what to think. With so many different beliefs in this world, that is why I say, there will never be one answer to the questions presented here, therefore never truly an answer.

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