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By Geno McGahee

Casey Anthony is close to release and the public is still angry over the verdict. The outcry from the people has spawned a law called “Caylee’s Law.” The proposed law would make it a felony to not report the death or disappearance of a child, as the parent. This law is being pushed to go national and it is an answer to the light sentence that Casey received, where most people felt her guilty in the public. Twelve jurors disagreed.

The court has taken the threats toward Casey Anthony and the jury that found her not guilty very seriously. They have declared that “appropriate measures will be taken” to ensure the safety of those involved, but make no mistake, they cannot keep Casey 100% safe. There are too many nuts. The case was far too big and generated far too much attention, and a lot of borderline crazy and dangerous people only seek a cause. Killing a woman that got away with murder is a cause they would gladly take, and Casey must be extremely careful at all times. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again. She was found not guilty. That is the system and if it failed, it failed, but we all agreed by being citizens to abide by the decision of the court system and Anthony must not be threatened, hurt, or harassed. In the eyes of the law, she didn’t kill her daughter.

On July 17th, Casey will walk out of the courthouse, free and clear, and there is still a great deal to cope with. She accused her father George of molesting her and covering up the accidental drowning death of Caylee, and if it’s true or not, it’s something that will certainly be discussed in the Anthony home. The family is in chaos and will be for some time, and you can bet that onlookers will be there camped out on her front lawn, eager to get a glimpse of Casey. It will not be a normal life for her no matter what.

The Casey Anthony story is still hot news and will be for some time. Expect made for TV movies and various other mediums created to turn a buck for producers and for Casey as well. She has the potential to make a great deal of money but she will still be a target for quite some time.


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