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By Geno McGahee

Casey Anthony is getting close to release and is coming to terms with her situation. Despite her release from prison, she is facing the public and much of it is angry. There are countless nuts that are quoting the bible and calling for her demise. There is genuine concern for Casey at this point, and she is not the only one. The jury has also had their fair death threats because of their not guilty verdict, and the media that were calling her guilty are now screaming injustice.

Nancy Grace said she was sick to her stomach over the verdict and was very animate that a killer was released and her millions of followers agree. Casey may be guilty in reality, but she was found not guilty and she is not guilty in the eyes of our system. The public needs to accept this and move on, but the need for blood is still there.

After the verdict, the location in the woods where Caylee’s skeletal remains were found was covered with stuffed animals and balloons. It is a terrible thing that such a young child has left this world and it is especially terrible if it is murder by her own mother. The hope is that it was an accident that was just mishandled by her mother or grandfather.

Caylee’s Law has been introduced. The hope is to make it a felony for a mother not to report a child missing in a timely manner, a response to the 31 days that Caylee was missing and was not reported as such.

Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother, and the woman that did report her granddaughter missing went to visit Casey in prison this week and it was refused. Casey didn’t want to talk to her, which is a sign that there is much trouble in paradise. The Anthony family is a mess, despite the not guilty verdict, and with the public scrutiny and onlookers that will show up on their front lawn, you can imagine an implosion happening shortly after the family reunites.

RSR will continue to cover the story…stay tuned for more breaking details.

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