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The Rock – John Cena: BREAKING WWE NEWS

By The Big Apple

Yo, you know me, it’s the Big Apple of NYC. The streets run red with blood as the junkies look for a fix and hookers roam around looking for a john to turn a buck. This is my city…my stomping ground.

As I walk the streets of the city, I get mobbed by the people, the fans of the Big Apple. It’s nice to be remembered, and it seems that all of my fans are now following this Twitter/WWE war between John Cena and the Rock, set to face each other at Wrestlemania 28.

On Twitter, the Rock had the following to say about Cena: “Cena – get back on your tour bus, call up your favorite yum rocket, take your apology and stick it straight up your phony ass.”

Phony? Dwayne, Dwayne, Dwayne…I remember when I first met you when you were pretending to be The Big Apple in the locker room after I fought your dad to a draw at the Garden. You were a great kid, but you are also living in a glass house brother. I know what it’s all about though…the green. Go get your green mother @#%$#@%.

Cena, the wannabe rapper is a phony. I will agree with you Rock. This meathead reminds me of Vanilla Ice man.

Rock vs. Cena at WM 28…they are building that hype brother. Stay tuned…

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