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The Brock Lesnar WWE/UFC Decision

By The Masked Hernandez

I jumped on my Harley brother, driving 120 miles per hour man, until I reached NYC to hang out with my main man, the Big Apple, and talk about some rumors. It’s everywhere man. Brock Lesnar coming to the WWE…when, where, how? Is he going to stick with the UFC or return home? Well, he needs to return home and I will tell you why brother.

First, much like the Rock, he has gotten a lot of popularity in another medium man. I still kick myself to this day for not taking part in SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT in 1977. They wanted me to body slam Burt Reynolds, but I had a date with the Von Erichs that month and it was a no can do man.

Brock Lesnar is a huge name man and the WWE wants him badly. I have a reliable source brother that said that Lesnar was offered big bucks to return for Wrestlemania 28. The people miss him, the WWE needs him, and they got deep pockets.

Dana White… you gonna loosen those chains you got on my man Lesnar, brother? UFC has made a bundle with him but he’s been exposed man. He’s gonna lose again which is why he needs to return to scripted combat. He can bring back that F-5 man, and plant that fat Mark Henry into the mat. WWE needs him ASAP, and it will happen, eventually, even if Vince has to shell out to White to make it happen.

Stay tuned brother…he’s going to bring the pain to the WWE again!

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