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Fight Predictions: Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah

Compiled by Mike Plunkett

The upcoming WBA Super World and IBF light welterweight title unification mega fight between England’s Amir Khan 25-1, 17 KO’s, and American Zab Judah, 41-6, 28 KO’s promises to not only to be a mesh of distinct ring styles and a battle between youth and experience, it pits two very different personalities against each other, both fueled by a burning desire to prove something to the world. The behind the curtain rumors circulating in both camps, the ties to past and present greatness, not to mention the cloud of controversy, has colored this match nicely, making it more than just an important sorting of the goods at 140lbs, it has become a must-see event. RSR’s elite team of writers, interviewers and pugilistic prognosticators provide you with their expert opinions on the

“Bad” Brad Berkwitt

I have to go with Amir Khan in this one by late round stoppage. Zab should have changed trainers years before, but at this point, there is not much Sweet Pea can do for him. Amir Khan by 9th round TKO in a tough fight for a few rounds.

Donald C. Stewart

As a UK boxing fan this scares me. Khan is our champ and we are losing World title fights quicker than Rupert Murdoch is losing newspapers. Judah is more dangerous than Maidana and has the power of a Prescott. Khan will have to box better than he has boxed before and has at least acknowledged this. I think it will go beyond the sixth round and am hoping for a unanimous decision for Khan or he stops Judah late on. My worry is that Judah, with all of his experience takes Khan’s belt and Khan has to find another way towards a Mayweather fight… It’s a hard one to call and, after some damp squibs this year in terms of contests from the UK, perhaps the best we can hope for is a really explosive fight.

Mike Plunkett

For me this fight comes down to smarts and discipline. Both Amir Khan and especially Zab Judah have demonstrated a propensity for being lured out of a given game plan in the past and both have paid a steep price for it. Much ado has been made over allegations of the use of PEDS in the Khan camp. From ties to Alex Ariza, a man recently under the microscope, to Roger Mayweather’s brazen accusations, there seems to be no give when it comes to giving the Lancanshire native any credit whatsoever as a fighter and world champion. As an added subplot to all of this, Zab Judah has now been tied to Victor Conte, a known and admitted proprietor of performance enhancing drugs. But for me, at the end of the day it comes down to strategy, ring generalship and focus, and despite the fact that Pernell Whitaker, one of the greatest ring generals of the last 50 years, has again prepared Super Judah for battle, it won’t be him doing the fighting in the later rounds against Khan. While Judah has a chance in this match, I expect Amir Khan to stay loose and focused, and to wear Judah down for a 10th round TKO.

Geno McGahee

Zab Judah upsets Khan by 3rd round stoppage. He still has timing and power…expect an upset Saturday night.

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