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Amir Khan: Floyd Mayweather JR on the Horizon?

By Kevin Nelson

Amir Khan moved a step closer to superstardom while another former champion boxer moved towards retirement as he dominated every minute of the fight throwing 3 to 4 combinations at a time. He seemed so much faster than Judah and Judah was hardly throwing any punches…mostly single punches at a time.

The end came in the fifth round as Khan hit Judah with a borderline shot that looked low, and he went to the ground in anguish as referee Vic Drakulich counted him out. Judah vehemently claimed a low blow. The fact is that it didn’t matter because Khan was so dominant. I would have given a 10-8 round in some of those rounds.

Where does Amir Khan go from here?

Khan has several options to him but most notably fighting the winner of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz fight, which would mean moving up to welterweight. He could unify with Tim Bradley or face Devon Alexander but his stock is going up and Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer said his next fight will be December either against the Robert Guerrero vs. Marcos Maidana fight or Erik Morales followed by a move up to welterweight. One other fight will depend on the result is Prescott is set to face Paul McCloskey and if victorious could face Khan.

For the sake of boxing let’s hope he does not face Morales.

What’s next for Zab Judah?

Hopefully retirement but I doubt it Judah has all the skills in the world but simply has never really reached the potential I thought he had. He looked like a shot fighter who simply did not have it anymore. He looked slow and he hardly threw punches and his movement looked slow. I think if he does not retire he should have a super fight with Shane Mosley: two shot fighters who were once good can cash out of the sport.

Either way, he was not competitive against Khan and much like when he faced Cotto saw an opening and looked for a way out of the fight. Judah has won world titles and has made millions and has found inner peace in his life and right now needs to evaluate where he is in his career and if he has anything left.

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