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Beibut Shumenov: A Growing Champion Setting a Course for Success

Exclusive Interview by Marc Anthony

Photo Credit : Team KZ

“I expect Danny (Santiago) to bring his best into the ring.” – Beibut Shumenov

Beibut Shumenov, 11-1, 7 KO’s, started his professional boxing career in 2007 winning by TKO in the first round.

In 2009, with an undefeated record of 7-0, he fought Byron Mitchell for the vacant IBA light heavyweight title. Shumenov won decisively by TKO in the 4th round. Later in 2009, Beibut fought for the WBA World light heavyweight title against Gabriel Campillo coming up short when he lost a decision. Not deterred by his first defeat, Shumenov was offered a rematch in 2010 against Campillo. This time around, he came out the victor and captured the WBA Light Heavyweight title, becoming the first fighter to ever win that strap with the least amount of fights in the light heavyweight division.

Shumenov has defended his title twice to date. On July 29th, he will attempt to make his third successful defense against tough Danny Santiago.

MA: You said you wanted to give a better performance than your last fight. What are you looking to improve?

My goal each fight is to improve and get better every time I step inside the ring. I train hard every day to achieve my goal of becoming an all-around fighter.

MA: KZ Events Promotions, what makes it different than other promotions?

As a professional boxer, I understand what boxers go through in and out of the ring. I take it very seriously promoting my fighters to help them to become World Champions.

MA: Speaking of KZ Event Promotion, Danny said that you guys were a breath of fresh air and that everything was taken care of. Is this something you strive for in every contract?

I heard that Danny said that about my team, KZ. We treat boxers the way I wish others treated boxers and that’s with respect. No games, just our word, and that’s the way it should be. I have a small but very good staff and they represent me and my brother, Chingis, in that manner.

MA: How would a fictional fight go between you and Mike Tyson?

Oh, I don’t know about that. I haven’t earned the right to be mentioned with a Hall of Famer like Mike Tyson yet. Ironically, I first got into boxing after watching Tyson fight.

MA: Back to Danny Santiago, what are you impressions of him?

Santiago has a lot more experience than me and he has three times as many professional fights as I do. I expect Danny to bring his best into the ring.

MA How was training camp during the summer in Vegas?

Great. I moved to the boxing Capital of the World to train and fight.

MA: What is your fight prediction against Danny?

I never make predictions. I do feel that it’s going to be a great night of boxing and entertainment.

MA: How popular is boxing in Kazakhstan?

Boxing is the No. 1 sport in Kazakhstan. We’ve had a great deal of success in International amateur tournaments and, today in pro boxing; I am honored to be one of the Kazakhstan world champions.

MA: Title unification has been your dream; would you be willing to promote a tournament to see this happen, seeing how successful the Super Six has been?

I certainly am open to talking about getting involved as a promoter. I definitely would box in a tournament if the other world champions participated. Today, due to a lot of factors, a tournament may be the only way to determine one world light heavyweight champion. I think it would be good for boxing and the division.

MA: Final Words to RSR readers?

I invite them to come and watch my third world title defense this Friday at South Point Casino and Hotel. If they can’t be there, they can watch it live on Telefutura.

(Publisher Note:  Special thanks to Bob Trieger of Full Court Press for helping set up this interview.)

Beibut Shumenov
Division: Light Heavyweight
Professional Record: 11-1, 7 KO’s

2011-01-08 William Joppy Shymkent, Kazakhstan W KO 6 12

2010-07-23 Viacheslav Uzelkov Lemoore, California W UD 12 12

2010-01-29 Gabriel Campillo Las Vegas, Nevada W SD 12 12

2009-08-15 Gabriel Campillo Astana, Kazakhstan L MD 12 12
2009-05-09 Byron Mitchell Shymkent, Kazakhstan W TKO 4 12

2008-12-13 Epifanio Mendoza Bellevue, Washington W UD 10 10

2008-08-02 Montell Griffin Shymkent, Kazakhstan W UD 12 12

2008-04-22 Lavell Finger Shymkent, Kazakhstan W KO 1 12

2008-04-10 Donnell Wiggins Shymkent, Kazakhstan W KO 2 12

2008-03-21 Shannon Miller Memphis, Tennessee W TKO 4 6

2007-11-17 Walter Edwards Wilson, North Carolina W TKO 1 4

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