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RSR Thanks You the Readers for Making Us Move to the Top Three Boxing Sites On the Net Today!

In October of 2010, RSR decided to change directions and bring you, the readers, some variety, but we were not prepared for the amazing reaction. We initially expanded and brought in Mixed Martial Arts and that’s when the requests began coming in for Pro Wrestling and more, and we are here for you. If you want something covered, we will cover it.

Now we gladly cover the Paranormal, entertainment, pro wrestling, MMA, boxing, and much more, and we will continue to progress and give you more variety. We are not foolish. We know that boxing fans have other interests and perhaps, we can introduce the sport to some of the fans of the other topics we cover.

We are and always will be “The Heart of Boxing” but we will also continue to bring you a variety of topics for your reading pleasure. We are so excited that you have come to RSR and made it one of the top boxing sites in the world and are now enjoying the many other things that we cover as well.

In the recent weeks and months, RSR’s rankings have gone through the roof. This tells not only management, but our entire team that we have answered the call of our readers for the coverage of a diverse group of articles each day here at Ringside Report.

Here is one of the many daily emails/sometimes actual handwritten letters Geno and I receive here at RSR thanking us for bringing you, the readers, so much daily diversity in your reading experience here with us.

Hello Geno and “Bad” Brad,

I am writing this from the county jail where I will be for an extra six months for breaking into the guard’s kitchen and eating their freshly made cupcakes. I told this to one of the hacks here who said JailhouseHotties.com was a better site than RSR and they beat me up. Then they placed me in solitary confinement without access to cupcakes for 30 days.

“Yea I read RSR daily dipsh*t!… You sure resort to childish tactics don’t you.. Jailhousehotties.com? lmao. My 9 year old nephew got grounded the other day for calling the kid down the block a JailhouseHotties.com reader. Threaten you? lmao, nah no need to do that, however I GUARANTEE you’re a@@ wouldn’t be making RSR jokes if I was not here in the slammer locked up and away from my beloved cupcakes.That I promise you. Why do you hate so much you hack? Do you have mental issues? You never even met me, before I stole your delicious cupcakes and you attack as if I slapped one of your family members. By the way, NOBODY has even heard of those so called jailhouses you used to work at. Do I get to read RSR in lockup? lmao, NOOOOO I don’t. Of course I get daily access to read RSR you fool, and I get treated as royalty for my access to RSR as well. HATE all you want clown, you mean NOTHING to me, never have, never will. RSR is the only site to read every day – twice a day – while eating lots of cupcakes.” – Jack Mars from behind bars without my cupcakes for 30 days

So RSR readers, thanks again and if you want something covered, by all means contact us. We want to meet the demand.

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