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Shark Week – Restless Fury DVD REVIEW

Reviewed by Forris Day JR
Courtesy of Scared Stiff Reviews

One of the cutest animals in the world are seals. They seem so friendly and playful, always having fun, swimming and spinning underwater. I never realized how high out of the water they can get………..when they are in the jaws of a Great White shark that just rocketed up from deep below the oceans surface!! Yeaaa!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!! It seems that seals are to the ocean, what gazelles are to the Serengeti. Simply food. Oddly enough sharks can tell the difference between seals and humans. Well, most of the time. Not always. Ok, they can’t, so just be careful out there kids when your swimming around the ocean on your surfboard in your black wetsuit with matching flippers. You might find yourself airborne if you know what I mean.

Lets face it, most people watch car races for the crashes. For those folks Discovery Channel offers “Shark Week – Restless Fury”. It provides lots of great shark attack footage for your enjoyment. Alright, I admit it also has lots of great information about sharks and the way they live and behave, but darn it, there is a ton of cool attacks…in High Definition and super slow motion to boot! It’s a 2 DVD set with a total of 8 shows for your edification. I really enjoyed “Into the Shark Bite” where these two guys build about 12 different camera housings to record inside a sharks mouth as it bites. It’s really cool. You can see the teeth rolling around and the gills opening and closing from inside the mouth as the shark tries desperately to tear the camera into bite sized pieces. It truly is the next best thing to having your head inside the pie hole of an attacking Great White! Well umm…you know what I mean. There’s an episode where the super slow-mo camera tries to catch a shark jumping out of the water, a show on surviving shark attacks and much more.

This is really a must have DVD set for anyone who wants to learn more about the habits and lives of dozens of different sharks. You’ll not be disappointed with the wealth of information and high quality filming of each episode as you travel the world with scientists who have dedicated their lives to studying these silent and fearsome creatures. Believe it or not, some sharks are pretty darned friendly! I just don’t remember which ones. Ohh…and if your a big fan of seals you’ll probably want to shut your eyes.

RSR: 9/10 – Honey…what’s for diner?

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