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CM Punk: The SAD TRUTH about the WWE Superstar

By Sean Farrell

So I was sitting in the recliner playing CM Punk’s favorite game “Armchair Booker” watching Monday Night RAW and well something hit me as a true fan…As BIG a fan of Chick Magnet Punk as I am, it finally struck me with 100% truth that he is not the “Best in the World” when it comes to wrestling. Punk is the best the WWE has to offer on the mic, but not the entire wrestling world and I am not alone in this.

Monday Night RAW was supposed to be a continuation of the “epic” storyline we have been so desperately waiting for to unfold. What we got was a decent opening promo ruined by Triple H and then a predictable Summer Slam announcement after a very lackluster ending…In the PG era are you honestly expecting kids to know who the hell Johnny Ace is? HAHAHA My daughter at only four years old knows half the current roster and was baffled when she saw Johnny Ace come down the ramp and asked “Daddy, who’s that old man?”

Anyways keep with me for a moment, Punk is still trying to get over with fans, which was clear as day when the crowd reacted to him the way they did. If your the “Best in the World” there is no questioning it… and well I have questions and that entire arena did too.

Is it me or did Punk come off as flat, stale, and played out already last night? Now before all the CM Punk lovers start slamming me, remember I am one too, but I am also a realist. Punk was supposed to re-energize the WWE Universe and entire pro wrestling world, mission seemed accomplished, that is until last night. Punk has shown me one thing and one thing only, he is a good in ring talent with exceptional mic skills but he CAN’T carry a company on his own. He is LIGHTYEARS from being a Stone Cold, Rock, Flair, Hogan, hell even a John Cena caliber talent…If you took Punk’s promos away he would simply be another TNA X division star or Indy wrestler and nothing more…Punk himself has said he’s “just a storyteller” and well he is right…While it is fine and dandy to cuddle up and read a good book on a bleak rainy day, not everyday is bleak and rainy, even in the WWE’s current state. So how often do you really want to read that book cover to cover?

Other people in the business agree with me, but to Punk it doesn’t matter what I think as “I have never booked an entire territory.” So my opinion is pointless and worthless according to Punk himself, but are these? Probably not to him.

Kevin Kelly who is currently an announcer for Ring Of Honor and a former WWE employee said “I love CM Punk. I never met him personally, but when I meet him I will shake his hand and tell him how much I appreciate his talents. But Punk wears a shirt on TV saying he’s ‘the best in the World’. Well he’s not the best in the world until he defeats Davey Richards. Davey Richards is the best wrestler in the World hands down! You could put the Miz at #1 in the PWI 500…and then burn that magazine for printing that. Davey Richards is the best in the World and I defy anybody to argue with me on that. Watch the match with Eddie Edwards. It was a 36-minute perfect match. Not one flaw. He trained for 4-weeks for that match – like a fighter. He’s revolutionizing the business right before our very eyes.”

To back Kelly’s claims I must add that even though most of you are thinking “Davey Richards isn’t even in CM Punk’s ballpark, Punk has been where he is and advanced past that. Punk has proven he can prosper and reach the top in Ring of Honor, but could Davey do the same in WWE? It’s a completely different ballgame when you’re performing on the big stage under bright lights with millions of people watching.” This is so far from the truth you need to re-think life in general as a wrestling fan…let me explain.

For every Kobe Bryant/Lebron James/Peyton Manning/Tom Brady/Albert Pujols/and Cliff Lee how many guys out there are actually better than them and just simply didn’t get a chance to shine or never tried to make the “Bigs”? Either due to poor choices in life by society or personal or just simply didn’t want to be someone else’s property(I turned down the chance to pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Baltimore Orioles, but although a lefty throwing over 90 mph at the time, turned it down to come back to Texas to simply live my own life). I have seen Davey Richards wrestle multiple times and just because he isn’t in the biggest promotion in the world, that does not mean he is not better than almost everyone in the WWE including Punk. Where you are means nothing, because it has nothing to do with what you know but who to get anywhere in life. Ring of Honor is a VERY valid wrestling company with TONS of professionals. If you want to be technical you couldn’t even compare the two because Davey is a “pro wrestler” and Punk is an “entertainer” as much as he claims he isn’t, but that is a whole different topic.

One man I will ALWAYS put over CM Punk in Chris Jericho also expressed his opinion as I knew he would, and let me say FINALLY someone agrees with me and who better than the “Best in the World at What he Does” himself? Jericho stated “Everyone is so excited that CM Punk mentioned me on Raw. Newsflash…I don’t give a s–t. Mind ur own business and stop rippin me off Punk.” WOW! big words from someone Punk alleges he takes most of his professional advice from because “you can’t teach experience.”

Now back to my claims on the “Best in the World”, there is a list of guys I put over Punk as better wrestlers and one is in the WWE but is misused like many others, one Punk stole the GTS from, and the other was the “Cult of Personality” LONNNNNNG before Punk was…Davey Richards is also on this list and the man better than him(in my opinion) from my personal favorite Dragon Gate promotion.

Bryan Danielson- If anyone is questioning this man’s place on this list, what do you consider in-ring ability?

YAMATO- Angle, Malenko, and everything technical wrestling is supposed to be all rolled into one man.

Davey Richards- Put on a “perfect” match with Eddie Edwards which has only been done once before by two legends named Steamboat and Flair.

Chris Jericho- “Save Us” AGAIN!!!!! enough said.

KENTA- CM Punk in a ring perfected is exactly how you describe the man Punk took “his” GTS from.

I even would go as far as adding CIMA,Colt Cabana, Austin Aries, and PAC to that list but I just can’t put them over Punk, Yet.

Now in Punk’s defense, he is over with us pure fans. Mostly because he is just like us, he’s not some handmade corporate puppet who is afraid to speak his mind, even if it may not be a popular opinion(Like I am doing right now). The guy is a true wrestling fan himself and you can tell he has a lot of respect for the business and a passion for it (Am I writing about myself again? No, still Punk. Good). Punk gives an excellent effort to be great in everything he does whether it’s in the ring, on the mic, or on commentary. Name one match where CM Punk DIDN’T carry his opponent in the WWE?

The guy has literally worked from the ground up, from backyard wrestling to traveling all over the globe until finally getting to this point and for that he has my respect and always will (I remember the stuff in the backyard when I used to take part in our own ECW crazed fed… to be where Punk is now from that is something that needs published and sold ASAP). No big time pyros or glittery outfits, no HGH like the current TOP draws like Orton,Cena, and Mysterio who all appeal to the kids. Yet, the man to NEVER IN HIS LIFE do a drug or drink isn’t. Punk is just as close to “real” as “real” gets and it resonates with us all.

But, Punk is FAR from being the “Best in the World” because in my honest opinion…The rest of the wrestling world has stars who are leaps and bounds better than Punk and the rest of the WWE roster, but many of them don’t speak a certain language (corporate not foreign) and aren’t allowed to tell us a story no matter how bad the rain gets.

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