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By Geno McGahee

The attorneys for Casey Anthony appeared today at the Orange County Courthouse, hoping to block an attempt to put her on probation for the check fraud case. Cheney Mason filed an emergency motion for hearing, hoping to set aside Judge Stan Strickland’s order regarding Anthony’s probation.

Strickland required Anthony to serve one year of supervised probation. Mason noted: “Additionally, the order was fraudulently entered. There was no attempt to notice the defendant or her counsel (however, the media had ample notice), the defendant has not signed the order as required, and the statement on the order was not filed during any proceedings in open court, as stated in the order.”

The motion that Mason filed goes on to say that: “Ms. Anthony actually did serve probation, as evidence(d) by her record with the Florida Department of Corrections. Any second sentence for probation imposed will be in violation of Ms. Anthony’s rights of protection against double jeopardy under both the Florida state and United States Constitution.”

With money to be made and some very good lawyers at her disposal, expect this probation to go away and for Casey to be totally free and clear, prepared to benefit from her celebrity status/infamy. Stay tuned for further developments…

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