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Social Worker: Ohio Serial Killer DESERVES SYMPATHY – JURY REACTION

By Geno McGahee

The Ohio serial killer, Anthony Sowell, killed 11 women and dumped their remains around his property, but a social worker, Lori James-Townes, has testified that he has had an “extremely horrible” childhood, marked by abuse and an absent father. Do you feel bad for him yet?

The jury convicted Sowell last month and now they must decide if the death penalty or life in prison will be his fate. Sowell is expected to make a statement to the jury, but in reality, life or death, it doesn’t matter as long as he is off the streets permanently.

James-Townes did her best talking about generations of sexual abuse, promiscuity, absent fathers, epilepsy, heart problems, drug abuse, and mental illness. The abusive home he lived in, where he was sexually abused as a youngster and physical abuse for minor infractions was also contended with. “This was an extremely horrible house to grow up in,” James-Townes testified.

Throughout the history of this abuse, there was no police reports documenting it, but if there was, or if there wasn’t, it is irrelevant. He is a serial killer that took 11 women off of this earth and there should be no sympathy for him. The question should be: what’s worse, life in prison or death? The one that is considered worse, wins.

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