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By Geno McGahee

The police have identified the gunman responsible for the 7 deaths on Sunday as 51 year old Michael Hance. Hance was furious with his girlfriend and proceeded to gun down two people outside of a home and two more in a car Sunday morning.

Hance would later kill another victim and die in a shootout with police.

Hance shot his 49 year old girlfriend, Rebecca Dieter multiple times, but remarkably, she survived, making her the only survivor of the rampage. Among the victims were two 16 year olds, a 44 year old, a 51 year old, and a 67 year old. The rampage continued when Hance tracked down 11 year old Scott Deiter, his girlfriend’s nephew.

Although the police will not speak of motive at this time, there are reports that he and his girlfriend have been going through a lot of problems and that he was looking to destroy her life with this act. Thankfully, Hance was killed, but it seems too good for him.

Stay tuned for updates…

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