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By Geno McGahee

This Saturday in South Carolina, Rick Perry will make his intentions clear and announce that he is running for President. The Texas governor has been making a lot of noise with his pull no punches approach and clear Christian faith. The holy rollers are already prepared to vote for him.

Perry is making the tour, and will also make his way to New Hampshire. His open prayers for President Obama and continual reference to his God have gotten the people on their feet, raising their hands to the sky, hoping that the invisible man will grant them a wish and get another Bible pusher in office.

Like it or not, Perry will be a big force in the upcoming election. With the economy in the crapper and desperation throughout the country, a lot of people turn to religion, and they will receptive to his line, and he will play the Bible belt like a harp in hopes to become the new man in charge.

Is Rick Perry too preachy religious to be President?

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