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By Geno McGahee

Mitt Romney made a stop in New Hampshire, addressing the Concord Chamber of Commerce today, and blaming President Barack Obama for the downgrade of the nation’s economy from an AAA to an AA+, according to Standard & Poor’s.

Romney noted: “In my view, that punctuated once again the failure of leadership by the President in Washington, D.C. I previously had the experience both in the business world and as a governor to be in settings where I saw enterprises in trouble. In the business world, we used to speak of one of the first things you did with a business that was in trouble and that was to make sure the balance sheet right. And our national balance sheet is not right.”

He continued to say that: “As Governor, I recognized as well that our state’s balance sheet was in trouble and that our income statement, or our annual budget, was in trouble. We were facing a very large deficit. There was some question about our capacity to meet our obligations down the road. I went to the legislature and asked for expanded power to reduce spending. The legislature, comprised largely of democrats but also some republicans, gave me that authority and I took the action necessary to reign in spending… ultimately, the rating agencies, including Standard & Poor’s, raised our indication of our credit worthiness and we had a credit upgrade, as opposed to what you’re seeing right now… the President needs to take the action which will restore America’s financial footing.”

Romney is a man to watch going into the next presidential election. He is already laying the foundation for another run. His initial run last election proved very successful, despite the defeat. The love affair with Obama seems to be over, and Romney is one of the frontrunners to defeat him if he plays his cards right.

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