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SummerSlam: WWE Gears up for John Cena Vs CM Punk

By Kevin Nelson

Last week’s edition of raw takes place in San Jose, California as Summerslam is just a mere six days away. The evening started with HHH announcing that in six days the main event John Cena vs. CM Punk will have as special guest referee and that is of course HHH.

He also announced that the two superstars will sign the contracts tonight. The first match of the evening was John Cena facing Jack Swagger and he would roll right through him sending a message to HHH and Punk that he will not be taken lightly. The following match was supposed to be a rematch with the Miz facing Rey Mysterio but he would attack Mysterio as he was walking down the aisle from behind before The Miz had time to celebrate it was announced that Koffi Kingston would be taking Mysterio’s place. The Miz would win with a skull crushing finale.

Cm Punk would face Alberto Del Rio in a match and as furious as Punk was about having HHH as a referee, he knew he had to perform well. He predictably did as he would assault Del Rio and hit him with the GTS for the victory.

The prior RAW, after winning the divas battle royal, Beth Phoenix attacked Kelly Kelly and this week she faced Eve as Phoenix would defeat Eve and declare the era of pretty Divas champions is over as she walked back to the locker room area Kelly Kelly assaulted her reminding her that she is not to be disrespected.

The following match was Alex Riley facing Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler would take offense to what Riley had to say about Vicki. The cougar Vicki would get her man Ziggler disqualified by interfering in the matchup.

The next match was a much anticipated match for John Morrison as the man that put him on the shelf for three months R Truth he would be facing. As the two squared off and Morrison displayed his aerial assault, he would lose the match when R Truth would target the neck area and get the win over his bitter rival.

The moment of truth came as the contract signing would begin with HHH and his cohort John Laurinitis would supervise the contract signing. Punk would play a video of The Rock mocking Cena. Cena would say while I was busting my hump you were complaining about not being treated fairly.

Punk would respond by saying Cena is just a failed body builder who settled on a career in sports entertainment. Cena would then say to Punk that if he fails Sunday, he would be a one hit wonder. From there chaos ensued as Punk would throw a punch and hit Laurinitis and the two would have to be separated. Punk would be outside of the ring looking in as HHH and Cena stood there. The moment of truth is that on Sunday it’s on.

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