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WBA Champ Austin Trout: I'll Tame the @#%$%#!

Upon reading recent interviews with popular slugger Pawel “Raging Bull” Wolak and his new manager, Cameron Dunkin, WBA Light Middleweight champion Austin “No Doubt” Trout (23-0, 13 KOs) has the following message: “I’ll fight you.”

Trout says he’d be happy to accommodate Wolak and company’s desire to fight for a title. “I’ll put my belt up against him. He’s not winning it, but I’ll put it on the line so he can say he fought for a title.”

Trout, who successfully defended his title against Sonora, Mexico’s David “The Destroyer” Lopez (40-13, 23 KOs) on June 11 at the Auditorio Miguel Barragan in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, says a victory over Wolak in the US would up his visibility. On July 15, Wolak fought a Fight of the Year candidate with fellow contender Delvin Rodriguez at the Roseland Ballroom in New York.

“If they want a title shot, look no further,” said Trout’s promoter, Greg Cohen of Greg Cohen Promotions. “Wolak just had a tremendous battle on national TV and his stock is way up, so for Austin to fight him at this point in time would be terrific. Because of the path he had to take to the title, in Mexico, most potential opponents are afraid to fight Austin. This fight will help him start building a reputation in the States.”

Cohen says that Wolak’s promoters, Top Rank, shouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and make their fighters’ dreams almost come true.

“Pavel’s a good kid and it’d be a very entertaining fight, but Austin is a superstar in the making. This fight would go a long way toward establishing that.”

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