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By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Well, boxing fans another F#$%*^& black eye to our beloved sport! Saturday night, Joseph Agbeko, 28-3, 22 KO’s put his IBF Bantamweight title on the line against Abner Mares, 22-0-1,13 KO’s which aired on Showtime. In a very tough and close fight, Mares repeatedly landed low blows that infuriated not only me, but Al Bernstien, Gus Johnson and Antonio Tarver who vocally complained during their commentary of the fight. At one point, Al Bernstien said, “This is the worst officiating by a referee (Russell Mora) I have seen in 15 years. He has warned Agbeko for everything, but Watergate.”

Not once, after what appeared to be 25 plus low blows did this HORRIBLE referee (I hate to even call him that) take a point away from Mares. In round eleven, Mares went low once again, and Agbeko dropped. This blind as a freaking bat – must have been paid off referee Russell Mora called it a knockdown.. Are you f#$%*!@ kidding me? The crowd booed, Showtime commentators were disgusted and most of all, Agbeko was beyond pissed. At the end of the round, his corner-man rightfully so stormed in to the ring and yelled at the referee.

Even after Showtime’s Jim Gray showed Russell “Paid Off” Mora the tape, he would not have the decency to say what it was a low blow that even Stevie Wonder could see!

Recently, we had three blind mice give Paul Williams the decision against Erislandy Lara in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Saturday night, this despicable referee Russell Mora helped Mares win a fight that had points been taken away, Agbeko may still be a champion. I truly hope that after watching the tape, the IBF does the right thing and orders an immediate rematch. Then when they do that, ban Mora from the sport of boxing forever!!!! Mares, should he win in a rematch without the low blows, he is the true champion in my book, but until then, he is not!

In closing, if the boxing world wants to gain the respect it once had, then ban Russell Mora from ever stepping in a boxing ring again!

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