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Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in the US: DON’T BE SURPRISED IF MICHAEL SHOWS UP

By Stan Hernandez

I have been so busy with coverage of UFOs, that I have neglected some interesting conspiracy stuff that may just amaze you. I assure you that the evidence that I present is accurate, all from reliable sources. The topic today is Michael Jackson.

The Michael Jackson tribute concert will be available in the US and will feature talent like Gnarls Barkley, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Christina Aguilera. Now the special guest may be Michael Jackson himself. There are consistent rumors that “The King of Pop” has faked his death, and I was alerted to a MJ sighting in the UK last week from a person that knows him quite well.

I have heard this sort of story many times. When Elvis died, there were consistent rumors that he was alive and the same goes for Tupac, and although most dismiss these claims, the MJ story has a little meat on its bones.

There was a MJ diary, where he implies that a faked death was something he was considering. His father Joe Jackson, has been reacting very strangely, including asking the public not to harass the doctor accused of killing his own son, and Michael Jackson placed himself in Gilda, a film about faking death. When you add this to the multiple doctored photos, incorrect spelling of Michael’s name on official forms, and odd reaction by family members, the possibility of a faked death gets larger and larger.

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