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CM Punk – The Big Apple WWE BREAKING NEWS: “IT’S ON”

By The Big Apple

Yo little appleseeds out there in Apple Land…. It’s me The Big Apple from the NYC. So CM Punk beat down that B Actor John “Feed me some lines” Cena’s ass on Summer Slam. Good for you CM Punk. Now we can close the deal on the WWE call from last week saying you wanted to meet me in a steel cage match brother. If the numbers make sense, we can do a joint press conference saying “IT’S ON! That can be the name of the match as well.

The Masked Hernandez told me you ring – a- ding –ding his phone the other night when he was with his lady friend and talked his ear off about meeting me in the ring. You have more balls than Cena that is for sure brother. But what are you going to do, when the Apple Turnover comes for you?

WWE fans we are close to announcing this mega match very soon, so stay tuned!


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