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By the Masked Hernandez

I was at Summerslam last night and I saw the old crew there…Triple H and his posse, and then I saw the big tower of power, Kevin Nash (AKA: Vinnie Vegas, Oz, Diesel). He would later interfere man with the main event and jackknife power bomb CM Punk to cost him the title. Nash has always been one popular brother, and even did some booking for WCW at one time. I remember the boys not being to happy with him man. He set me up for a run in Mexico and I didn’t dig what he was doing, but that’s the game man.

You know, Nash first came into the business in some tag team, rip off of the Road Warriors, and then he went on his own and we saw him as “Oz” a rather neat take on the movie man, but a character that fizzled and died. DDP, my good friend man, he gave some advice to Nash and he ran with it brother and turned into the wise-cracking “Vinnie Vegas,” only to go to the WWE later on and become Shawn Michael’s bodyguard “Diesel,” which led to a run as world title holder.

You gotta know man that it’s who you know in this business. You can be the biggest and best grappler in the world, but who is in your corner man? Shawn got Nash his big shot and he ran with it and became a big deal man, and no, he isn’t the best in the world in the ring or on the microphone, but the guy has friends in high places and a big fan base…that equals the green brother.

Nash really became huge in the NWO with Hogan and Hall, when WCW made its mark on the wrestling map man. He then made his own group “The Wolfpack” and was the first man to pin Bill Goldberg. He came back in a failed run in the WWE, moved over to TNA, and is now home again, and he and Triple H will now rule together.

Nash is money man. He will be a major player outside the ring and a minor one inside of it. He’s too brittle to be wrestling on the norm man. You may see him in there once in a while, but it won’t be for long. He will be put into some management spot and rule with a pen and a fist when he needs to man.

Watch RAW tonight and watch the official return of Kevin Nash. Welcome back brother! Glad to see that you’re back home.


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