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CM Punk Vs Kevin Nash & John Cena Vs Alberto Del Rio: WWE SHOCKER – Breaking News

By the Masked Hernandez

We all saw Summerslam where the big news was “Big Daddy Cool” Kevin Nash returned to the WWE and jackknifed CM Punk, costing him the world title. Punk had just defeated John Cena in controversial fashion and was in celebration mode when Nash jumped into the ring and allowed Alberto Del Rio to cash his money in the bank man. The world was in shambles brother, and RAW was supposed to answer some questions man…

Kevin Nash ain’t white no more man. Aware of father time checking in, Nash bought that “Just For Men” brother and now has that look again, but he ain’t no spring chicken brother. Well, the big man walked to the ring and began talking about a text he got from Triple H to take down the winner of the main event and he did what he was told. CM Punk came to the ringside area and the two different generations went to verbal battle man. It took me back brother. In Boston, Massachusetts, I had a match in 1983 with Iron Mike Sharpe and he was in the ring talking to the crowd, telling them that “the Masked Hernandez was a spineless mother @#$@#$” and I came out and we made that crowd pop man. For the record, Sharpe lost in the main event when I landed the “weapon of masked destruction.” 1-2-3, it was all over! I never thought Big John Studd would jump me later that night though!

The WWE is building the storyline and you can bet that they are going to bring back some more familiar faces to regain some lost ground in the ratings man. They know that Kevin Nash still has some people behind him, so they gave him a ring-a-ding and brought him back and there is plenty of old timers in TNA that the WWE can buy. They have much bigger pockets man. In fact, I got a message from Vince yesterday and they asked me to return to be part of a new group, but I’m undecided at this point. I’ve been out of the ring for 10 years…I’ll need to brush up man.

Alberto Del Rio brought that title to the ring on RAW and defended against Rey Mysterio, JR., and it was a good match man. Del Rio would retain the title with a pin after Rey missed his finisher from the top rope. After the win, the champion kept kicking his opponent while he was down, which prompted that John Cena to run on down and challenge Del Rio.

WWE is setting up a double main event for the next big show man. Cena vs. Del Rio and Nash vs. Punk, and maybe if you’re lucky man, you will see Masked Hernandez vs. the Miz. I have been talking with the WWE for a while and they want to get the Miz over more than he is and thought that a win over a returning Masked Hernandez would do it, but guess what…I’m not losing my first match back!

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