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Father that Decapitated Disabled Son in Court: HIS REASONING REVEALED

By Geno McGahee

Jeremiah Lee Wright, the man that was accused of decapitating his 7 year old disabled son made his first appearance today in court. He did not enter a plea, but police confirm that he did admit killing his son and placing his son’s severed head where his mother would find it.

Wright would comment that he spent so much time caring for his son over the years that he began to look at him as an “inanimate object.” He admitted that he and his wife had some issues and that he wanted to hurt her.

His young son was disabled, in a wheelchair, and looked to his father for protection, and this complete scumbag, Jeremiah Lee Wright, deserves no and I hope gets no sympathy, understanding or anything else that may benefit him. In this case, I say put him down as roughly and painfully as you can. He is the worst of the worst.

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