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Insanity At Its Best: Can Any RSR Reader Around the World Explain?

By Santino “Cocked and Loaded – Pull the Dogs Off” Giglino, ESQ

(RSR Disclaimer: This insane stalker’s email is laced with profanity, so read at your own discretion.)

Hello RSR readers. I have been asked on behalf of MR Berkwitt and MR McGahee of Ringside Report.com to give them legal advice on a recent email they received from a crazed fan named Jack Mars. I have dug deep in my legal books and ascertained that the sender (Mars) suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, has weight and anger issues, which certain key words in all capitol letters lend themselves to those characteristics.

In addition, the constant bragging about himself (Mars) in the email to MR Berkwitt and MR McGahee lends itself to someone with a large head and ears that I am almost certain from my many years as a lawyer resemble DOG EARS.

The other thing I found in my legal bible was the described person (Mars) probably thinks of everyone as LEGENDARY to include the baker where he gets his cupcakes from.

Hands down, this Fan – Stalker is nuts. It’s been brought to my attention that many lawyers, doctors and educated people read RSR. With that said, I advised MR Berkwitt and MR McGahee to post the email (unfiltered) to have their readers ring in on what they feel it might mean? They also may deter Jack Mars from the constant attacks via email to RSR when he sees his own words. MR Berkwitt, MR McGahee and I, look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Jack Mars’ Demented Email:

I don’t owe you an explanation you fucking asshole. I guess you missed my interviews with Zab Judah, Lennox Lewis, Manny Pacquiao, Barrera, Morales, and the list goes on. I mentioned those publications only to show the little fucking prick talking shit to me, that I have SOME credibility in boxing, that’s all. I also was specific that I was not bragging about it either. I tell you what, you stupid ass, if you don’t like reading what I have to say in (Site Name Removed), don’t fucking read it. I am not your typical sit on my hands type of person, and I don’t let people take unwarranted shots at me. You’re no exception either you fucking clown.

Yea I get paid dipshit, I get paid well. How old are you? You sure resort to childish tactics don’t you.. fat jokes lmao. My 9 year old nephew got grounded the other day for calling the kid down the block a Fatty. Threaten you? lmao, nah no need to do that, however I GUARANTEE your ass wouldn’t be making fat jokes if I walked up on you in person buddy… that I promise. Why do you hate so much bro? Do you have mental issues? You never even met me, and you attack as if I slapped one of your family members. By the way, NOBODY has even heard of those so called places that you used to write for. Do I get paid? lmao, NOOOOO I do it for free. Of course I get paid you fool, and I get paid nice royalty checks for my PUBLISH book as well, and from (Magazine Name Removed) and yes dipshit, I get a check from (Magazine Name Removed) as well. Not to mention several other checks for doing PR work for many professional fighters. HATE all you want clown, you mean NOTHING to me, never have, never will.

AHHAHHHAAAAHHAAAAA… kicked me out? lmao, (Name removed) and I are on very good terms you FUCKING ASSHOLE lmao. (Name Removed) and I have never had a crossed word either. I’ll be sure to call (Name Removed) first thing in the morning, and tell him all about this guy (Name Removed) that feels compelled to email me and attack me when I have done nothing to you. I quit (Site Name Removed) because they PAY NOTHING you fool, so have fun writing for nothing at (Site Name Removed). I went back to (Site Name Removed) because (Name Removed) made me a nice paid offer….lol You are so full of hate its comical. It really is, wow you may be the worst hater that I have ever encountered. Yea, no doubt about it, I’ll be calling (Name Removed) in the morning, I’ll be sure to put in a good word for you…LMAO

(Site Name Removed) and negotiations lmao, yea ok, whatever you say. You’re a typical ANTI American noodle dick. I’m with you about the round and round with the emails, so why don’t you do me this favor. IF you go to the pro fights, PLEASE approach me and introduce yourself, ok big mouth? Do me that favor, so we can have a nice little man to man about this. Unless you don’t have the balls? I’ll be at Mosley vs Cotto, Pacquiao vs Barrera, and by all means if you’re in the area Friday, I’ll be at Judah vs Vasquez tomorrow night. I’m guessing I’ll NEVER get approached by the little noodle dick big mouth, that plays tough guy in EMAIL’s 🙂 But, maybe I’ll get lucky. You are no author, and you will never write for (Site Name Removed) either you fucking lying little bitch….. LMAO

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