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CM Punk, John Cena, Kevin Nash, The Rock and More: WWE’s BIG PLAN

By The Masked Hernandez

I was riding my Harley man when my phone went ring-a-ding. I pulled to the side of the road and it was my buddy from the WWE and he wanted to break bread man. I was about 100 miles away from his home brother and I got there just in time for dinner.

You know I was surprised to see Kevin Nash invade man. I am always in the know but that WWE got one by me. Nash came on down at Summerslam and jackknifed CM Punk, starting a feud, and that feud will be CM Punk vs. the establishment. Triple H is the next Vince McMahon. He married the boss’s daughter brother…what does that tell you.

I remember getting a call from my friend Chyna, when HHH dumped her to go after Stephanie and it was tough brother. I always liked Chyna and HHH is, and always has been, all about himself. I remember him when he was just working out in Connecticut and I ran into him and you didn’t have to be sharp to see what he was about.

Even though there is some mystery, you know that Triple H, Kevin Nash, and then the rest of the D-X Attitude generation will surface to take on the new blood. It’s the same storyline that has failed time and time again, but if it’s executed correctly, you can take it to the bank, cash it, buy a house, and build a fence around it brother.

You know John Cena is gonna get the title back soon. They’re not going to let Alberto Del Rio keep it. He’s just keeping it warm. The Rock will face off for the title at Wrestlemania. The WWE hasn’t decided the outcome yet man, but they know the players.

As I ate dinner, I was told by my friend man that the ratings for the CM Punk – Nash segment did what they hoped it would and they were happy that they could still sell Nash. They need to be happy man. He came with a big price tag and he needs to fill some seats to make it worth it man. If the WWE grapplers knew what “Big Sexy” was making, they’d not be too happy man.

Look for some new storylines that are really just old storylines, and look for the 1990s guys to return and try to control the biggest name in the game now, CM Punk. The WWE has been doing better lately. Let’s see if they can keep it up.

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