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By The Masked Hernandez

Let me take you back to 1983 and I was supposed to step into that squared circle man with Hulk Hogan, and I was told by the WWF brass at the time that I had to take the fall man and I did that. They were supposed to build me up and they did it to knock me down and push that steroid freak brother.

Now, as much as things change, they stay the same, don’t they? CM Punk, the man that can and should carry the company is being buried by the big boys in HHH and Kevin Nash. Triple H has made a career out of burying wrestlers that would easily outshine him if he weren’t buried in Stephanie McMahon’s lap man.

Kane – he made him lose his identity…the mask and then helped turn him into the joke he is today.

Booker T – one of the best wrestlers ever to put on the boots man and HHH would not allow him to prosper the way that he should. WCW knew what they had.

Rob Van Dam – RVD is another guy that excited the crowd, had a huge following, was a great performer, but Triple H wanted him out of the spotlight. HHH is the new Hulk Hogan.

Now, we have CM Punk brother and I spoke to some of my friends at the WWE and they told me the same story man. Triple H is planning on once again taking the spotlight away from the true talent and burying CM Punk. He’ll bring in his friends and they will get paid ridiculous amounts of money when they couldn’t lace Punk’s boots man.

CM Punk will hopefully overcome Triple H’s jealousy and become the man that he is destined to be man.

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