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By The Big Apple

I am a New Yorker and have been my whole life. I have walked the mean streets, the unforgiving, unloving world that eats so many up and spits them out, but I lived through it. Either you are a survivor or you are not brother, and I was.

I had lunch with an old pal from my days in WCW, and man, the memories were great, but the topic of Vince Russo came up, and my friend SS told me of Russo and gave me some news that the Big Apple just wasn’t ready to hear, but I thought I would share it with you man.

The allegation that WCW was intentionally destroyed by Vince McMahon with help of Vince Russo was the word man. I can’t give this guy’s name man because he’s involved with TNA and don’t want to be railroaded by McMahon like I was, but “SS” said that he knew for a fact that Vince Russo worked for McMahon while in WCW and “took it down” and he went on to say that they are still very chummy man and still working together. Interesting.

I met Russo in the mid-1990s and I didn’t like the cat. He had an attitude problem man and an ego the size of the Statue of Liberty, but the guy was one smart dude. People wonder why WCW crashed and burned? It was designed to by McMahon and Russo. Plain and simple.

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