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By Jim Minkle

I stay far away from doctors. You want to know why? Well talk to the guy that had his sausage cut off in Kentucky and then ask me why. People have these misconceptions about doctors and other walks of life…as if you get a higher class of person than other occupations, but you get the same idiots across the board. The man cutting off your penis is about the same as the man f**king up your Big Mac.

The lawyer for this dickless guy said that his client “doesn’t feel like a man anymore.” Was that necessary to even say? If you walk out of surgery looking like a Ken doll from the waist down, you shouldn’t feel like a man.

The defense is saying something about cancer on the guy’s package and whatnot and that he signed some form, agreeing that they could slice his kielbasa to the floor. Well, this is why you read the fine print. You do it when you buy a car. Why wouldn’t you do it when you’re sedated and a guy is standing over your package with a knife?

There is good news. The guy is a trucker and he may be more comfortable without a penis. Those roads can be long and bumpy and it can really hurt a man’s junk. So maybe this trucker should buy this doctor one of those fruit baskets in appreciation for helping his career. He says his wife isn’t happy with his sexual performance anymore, but I’m sure she wasn’t thrilled with it to begin with.

I say throw this case out. I’m Jim Minkle and that was my Stink!

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